Style ME Training
Style ME Training


“The future belongs to those who believe in the future of their dreams…”

I searched around and looked at other styling courses before I stumbled across Style ME Training Academy. From the moment I spoke to Nisha on the phone I knew this was the right course for me. During our conversation Nisha grasped exactly who I was and what I needed to get out of the training.

I especially loved the training for so many reasons but most importantly that I could do it in just 3 days and over the weekend which suited my childcare arrangements. I loved every minute of it and learned so much from Nisha’s extensive knowledge and personal experiences of the industry.

The training covered everything I needed it to do, I felt well equipped and the end to go and set up my business. As Nisha says your first client is yourself, I have since applied all my knowledge and wow not only do I feel amazing but I am getting so many comments on how different I seem not just outwardly but inwardly too. I can’t recommend Nisha and Style ME Training highly enough. Nisha has such a lovely way of connecting with people too. I felt like I had made a new friend and was sad when the training ended.

I think this course is great value for money compared to others I looked at, worth every penny!

Elisa, Tonbridge.

Style ME has really changed my life from day 1 with all these new things that I’ve learnt. Nisha has been amazing all week, she explained everything with so much detail that was so simple and easy to understand. After just 5 days I know for the 1st time I actually understand my body shape and colouring and I now know how to style myself and look my best. Thank you Nisha for everything and for giving me more confidence in myself that I can do this!

Jency, Clapham.

Style ME and the Intensive Training Course is the best Styling Agency and styling course. The training is intense but enjoyable and very knowledgable. Nisha is brilliant and knows what she’s talking about. All in a relaxed environment. I am a changed woman!

Sam, Sevenoaks.

“The last 3 days have been very intense but so much fun! I feel I have learnt so much and am now excited about putting it all into practice. Nisha explained everything so clearly and gave me the confidence to believe I really can do this!

Liz, Kent

“I had finished a fashion degree at Uni and was looking to get into something like fashion styling but I knew from friends that it’s a really tough industry to get into. I came across Style Me Training and had never previously thought about Personal Styling but Nisha convinced me that it was a great way to still work in fashion whilst building a client base of my own. I now work as a Personal Shopper in Selfridges and earn fantastic commission simply because when I’m choosing clothes for my customers I pick clothes that are perfect for their shape! I know how to build their trust so they keep coming back for my services and as I’m also a Style ME stylist I offer the added services of Wardrobe Styling and Colour Analysis and build up my private client base.

Lauren, Manchester

As a mum I thought it would be great to do something that fit around my family as I was tired of commuting, feeling like I was clinging onto my old life when so much had changed. The intensive week was perfect as I knew that I could justify childcare for 5 days if I was going to get a career for a lifetime. I especially loved getting to learn about my style again and if I’m honest I had been getting it very wrong! I’m only able to do this part-time at the minute but the Style ME team have shown me some great ways of building up my clients so I plan to do this full-time very soon. The way I see it, if I go back to working full-time in my previous career the extra money I would earn would go straight to the childminder, this way any money i earn goes straight to me and I still get to pick up my kids from school!

Rebecca, Oxford

My passion has always been fashion and shopping but somehow I fell into a really safe civil servant job and 20 years on I just thought that there has to be more to life. I had put off doing the intensive course because of work restraints and money so it helped when I emailed and was told that I could pay in 3 monthly installments. From the minute I walked in and met Nisha and Mary Ann I felt totally at ease, even though it was informal it was so informative and I scribbled away on my pad on a high with a thirst for the knowledge. I honestly thought it would be a nice thing to do at weekends but it has actually led to me doing some colour parties and i’ve even had the confidence to present at a womens networking event! Thank you Style ME I am on a mission.

Miriam, Twickenham

I am sorry for my English but want to say thank you to Nisha and Mary Ann helping and giving me a good time doing styling. I have had two clients this week and one is a man so I am happy to begin a new life thank you and I can see that this knowledge will be great for me when i’m back in Italy. That’s the best thing, Personal Styling is suited to every country!

Sylvia, London

I’ve just had a most amazing time doing all the courses, I especially loved colour and cannot wait to try it out on my friends and family…I’m a Summer! Who knew?! I think I have been in black my whole adult life so first I am going to clear out my whole wardrobe then its on with my business head and finding those clients. I think you are going to hear a lot from me as I am still slightly daunted by the prospect of my first client but I am super charged and thank you for believing in me and getting me out of black!

Lisa, Bath