Colour Analysis Training

“working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress..
working hard for something we love is called passion…”

Do you want to add a new skill set to your work as a Personal Stylist?

The 1st key personal styling service all good personal stylists offer to their clients is always Colour Analysis. If you want to create the best look for your client, colour analysis is essential, without it, you’re simply not doing a Wardrobe Consultation or Personal Shopping session justice.

Imagine shopping for a jacket with your client, once you’ve found the perfect style, the next question will naturally be “what colour should I buy?” If you have already done their ‘colours’ you will effortlessly be able to answer this question; as you would have already worked out their most flattering colours; colours that harmonise and enhance their nature skin tone that make their complexion look radiant.

Shopping for a Capsule Wardrobe also becomes more efficient as the guesswork of colour choices is eliminated, saving you both time and raising your credibility as you will only be selecting them items in the colours that make them look their best that combine perfectly together.


Are you looking to earn an income with flexible working hours, tailored to your lifestyle?

The great thing about Training to be a Colour Analyst is that you don’t need to be a Personal Stylist in order to do so and you definitely don’t need to come from a fashion background. A career as a Colour Analyst is perfect for any one of any age, background and lifestyle wanting to work either full or part time. Style ME Training’s Colour Analysis course has attracted people from all walks of life; from mums looking to work around their children to make up artists and hairdressers looking to add another service to their skill set.


What are the benefits of becoming a Colour Analyst?

  • On average a Colour Analyst charges around £150 for their services so the earning potential is fantastic, even working part-time!
  • It’s a very rewarding career; with this skillset you have the ability to instantly make your clients look and feel fantastic, increasing their confidence and building their self-esteem.
  • It’s fun and you get to meet so many different clients from all walks of life.
  • Apart from the initial kit, there are no overheads; you can even work from home.
  • This is a lifetime skill; once you’ve completed the training you will never need any further training.
  • You will be able to get started in your new business straight after the training.


Course Content

  • The science and psychology of Colour
  • Seasonal Colour Systems
  • How to carry out Colour Analysis on men and women
  • Hair and Make up
  • Personal Colour Analysis session
  • Practical sessions
  • Suggested scripts
  • How to market your business
  • 1 day course
  • £500
  • Reduced price of £299 if doing the Essential Training Course
  • Certificate on completion

Please note: There are many colour courses out there, and you are probably wondering why some courses take around 5 days whilst Style ME Training do the training in just ONE DAY. The answer is simple; colour analysis is not complicated and much of what you need to know is in the practice not the theory. 5-day courses do offer more practice but charge you a premium to do so (on average around £4000). Once you’ve learnt the theory this same practice can be done at home on your friends and family for free.

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Thanks so much for my colour analysis training. I honestly can’t believe how easy you made it. I was overwhelmed after my training with Colour Me Beautiful a couple of years ago. I didn’t actually believe in the colours my trainer told me I was! I’m really upset that I spent so much money with them; presuming they must be the best as I recognised the brand! But thanks to your training I’m really excited about getting clients and finally going for it! Hayley, Bristol

Thanks so much for my training Nisha, I LOVED IT! I’m so excited to be a Summer!! I can’t believe how bad I was looking in my go to black – I can’t wait to do my 5 clients I’ve already got booked in next month. Sarah, Forest Gate

Wow what an amazing course, I’m so pleased I spoke to you before booking an online colour course I found, thanks for clarifying that you need daylight for the training. I was going to study it in the evenings after work!! I loved all the make up examples you gave – seeing how even celebrities can get it wrong was so enlightening! Marie, Wales

Thank you for making colour analysis so current. Being a makeup artist I’ve always wanted to add colour analysis to my freelance business but all the training courses I’d previously seen, look so dated and corporate. Nisha you’re training rocked! The theory was easy to follow and practical sessions on how to colour block within the palates was so inspiring, I’m more excited about doing people’s colours now than actually doing their make up! Kate, Bedford