Train to be a Virtual Personal Stylist

“What we choose to do today is the best way to predict what we’ll be doing in the future…”

Do You?

  • Love fashion and trends and putting looks together?
  • Love shopping and researching online?
  • Want to help people with their styling dilemmas quickly and effectively?


Are you?

  • Looking to style clients without having to meet and spend time with them?
  • Looking to make easy incremental money following your passion for fashion?
  • Looking to work flexible working hours in the comfort of your own home?


If you answered ‘YES’ then maybe a career as a Virtual Stylist is perfect or you and our ‘Train to be a Virtual Personal Stylist’ course is the right course for you.

We’re currently in an age where everything is available online, with ‘saving time’ obviously being the biggest advantage. As more and more people shop online it’s only natural that traditional Personal Shopping solutions evolve too. Style ME Personal Styling agency have experienced first hand that more and more of their clients don’t have the luxury of time to spend with their Personal Shopper/ Personal Stylist and instead are asking for their various styling dilemmas to be solved by their personal stylist quickly and efficiently online.

The truth is once the personal stylist has a real understanding of their client’s body shape, brief and budget they can shop for them from any brand (via their online platform), wherever they may be, at any time of the day and because they don’t need to waste time travelling to their client they can often charge less for their services, which in return often gets them a lot more clients looking for more frequent affordable styling solutions.

Course Content

  • Body Shapes.
  • How to dress the Shapes.
  • Virtual client questionnaires.
  • Research your client’s brief.
  • Creating mood boards for your client.
  • How to shop for your virtual personal styling client online.
  • Certificate on completion.

1-DAY Course

£500 at Academy
£400 Virtually/Online

How does this course differ from your One Day – Train to be a Personal Shopper course?

On the traditional Train to be a Personal Shopper course we spend a lot of time understanding our client’s psychology and how to conduct the personal shopping session in store, adapting to our clients needs but on the Train to be a Virtual Personal Stylist course more time is spent on how to put looks together, create virtual mood boards and how to shop effectively online.


Where does the training take place?

Delegates have the option to train at our London Academy or do the training virtually online.

If I wanted to add on the other Personal Styling services to my business such as Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Styling at a later date will this be possible?

Absolutely all the skills can be added on. Train to be a Virtual Stylist is really an excellent starting point for people who want to get styling straight away, that don’t necessarily have the time or money to commit to the 3 or 5 day styling courses.


How much money can I charge for my services as a Virtual Stylist?

More and more people are choosing quick virtual styling options: For example they may just need a look for a night out/ special occasion vs. a whole Capsule Wardrobe. How much you charge can be totally dependent on how much time it takes you. Instead of charging £300+ for a 4 hour Personal Shopping trip you may choose to charge £50+ per look. Style ME do not dictate what your pricing structure should be for your individual business.


Who are your typical delegates?

  • Mums who want to earn money whilst working around their young children.
  • Students wanting to earn money whilst studying.
  • Woman wanting to dip their toes into the prospect of becoming personal stylists without leaving their existing employment.
  • Women already working in retail/fashion wanting to earn incremental money as a stylist.
  • International and national delegates that can’t get to London to carry out their training.


How will I know if I’ve grasped all the knowledge correctly?

There is on-going mentoring post training so more practice and feedback is always offered.


I loved the ideal of styling clients but the thought of being with my client in store and not finding the right clothes on the day, within the designated few hours always filled me with dread! When I heard that I could actually be a Virtual Personal Stylist – doing the bits I love without the extra pressure of the client got me so excited! Training with Nisha and learning her unique formula has been so rewarding, it was the perfect course for me. Vanessa, London

I’m from a small town in Wales and the demand for Personal Stylists is very small, but by learning how to be a Virtual Stylist, I’ve expanded my client base throughout Wales and instead of having to rely on the few stores that we have on our high street, I can shop for my clients from a whole range of brands available online – it’s amazing. Jasmine, Wales

I’ve been looking for a job that works around my two young kids and I’m so thrilled that I’ve found Virtual Styling. After I’ve done the school run and done my chores I’ve got a couple of hours to shop for my clients online. The best bit is I’m in my Uggs and leggings but no one would ever know and in a way it brings a bit of glamour into my life. The formula Nisha taught me hasn’t let me down, its easy to follow and logical. The best bit is my clients are mums like me, woman who don’t have the luxury of time to be at shops all day that instead want quick styling advice without the hefty price tag – it’s genius. Thank you Nisha I can’t wait to add on Colour Analysis to my service next year! Sophie, Brighton

I work in Retail, in a store that doesn’t exactly excite me but since I’ve trained on how to be a Virtual Personal Stylist I’ve been applying the knowledge at work. I love giving my customers styling advise on how to dress their body shape and then giving them my business card letting them know I also offer virtual styling services. This is helping me build my confidence to become a full time personal stylist in the next few months and really keeps my passion for fashion alive. Charlotte, Kingston Surrey

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