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Style ME Training Academy has successfully trained over 600 individuals worldwide with their immersive courses held at their prestigious London venues. However, Style ME Training understand that not everyone can easily access their in-person training due to geographical constraints or personal preferences. That’s why they also offer the option to study with their founder and expert trainer, Nisha, with a series of downloadable master classes that you can access instantly and complete in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

With the downloadable masterclasses, you will be given access to Nisha’s amazing knowledge as though you are a delegate in a live training session as all sessions have been recorded during live courses in their prestigious London training venue. 

““Do something today that your future self will thank you for…”

Are You?

  • Looking for an affordable Personal Styling courses without the additional hotel and travel costs?
  • Keen to train with Style ME but can’t get to their London training venue?
  • Struggling to take the time off work or have family commitments?
Style ME Academy Styling

Do You?

  • Want to learn on a one on one basis at your own pace?
  • Want to learn how to be a Personal Stylist straight away?
  • Want to learn how to be a Personal Stylist in the comfort of your own home?
Style ME Academy Styling

Are You?

  • Unable to attend in-person courses in London? Perhaps you’re based overseas or simply can’t get a visa?
  • Eager to kickstart your journey as a Personal Stylist but are struggling to take time off from work or you have other commitments?
  • Looking for Personal Styling Courses without the additional travel and hotel costs?
Style ME Academy Styling
Style ME Academy Styling

Do You?

  • Crave the flexibility to learn on your terms, at your own pace?
  •  Do you want access to the training knowledge straight away?
  • Do you want lifelong access to the course content?

If so, Style ME Training’s downloadable masterclasses courses may be the perfect solution for you!

How do the courses differ from the tutored courses held in London?

 Style ME Training’s masterclass courses deliver the same high-quality content and theory as their face-to-face sessions in London. While their London courses include practical shopping tasks in local stores, their masterclass delegates carry out these practical sessions online or in easily accessible local stores.

What course modules are available to learn virtually?

Train to be a Personal Shopper

Train to be a Wardrobe Stylist

Train to be a Colour Analyst

Menswear Styling

Virtual Styling

Do I receive a Certificate upon completion?

Upon successfully completing each module, you’ll receive a formal CPD Certificate, assuring you that your training was of the highest standard and that you have access to high-quality, innovative, current, and informative content. This knowledge acquisition will equip you with the applicable skillset to immediately work in the Personal Styling industry.

How much time should I set aside to complete the courses?

Each module at the Academy takes 1 full day; part theory part practical. The advantage of doing the courses Online is that it allows flexibility; the practical part of the courses can be carried out at a time that suits you, it doesn’t have to be on the same day. Realistic time frames are set to keep the momentum going and feedback is given throughout.

The training in London includes my own style consultation, will I miss out on this by doing the training online?

Not at all, you’re first client is still always going to be you! With all the knowledge you gain you will definitely be styled to perfection. With the tasks set you’ll be sending videos and photos and getting feedback. 

How will I know if I’ve grasped all the knowledge correctly?

Having lifelong access to the content means you can always go back and refresh your knowledge. Delegates can also purchase ongoing mentoring with the Style ME Membership post training if required.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is access to a computer or laptop to embark on your styling journey from anywhere in the world.

How much do the downloadable masterclass Courses cost?

Modules are priced from £400 each offering exceptional value for aspiring Personal Stylists, with significant discounts if buying all modules together. 



Being a mum I simply don’t have the time (or childcare) to come to London for even a day let alone a whole week of training so the online option suits me perfectly. I put the kids to bed, pour myself a glass of wine and spend some time training on my future career. It feels great doing something for me and I can’t wait to finish all the modules and start earning money doing a job I love that fits around my family, I actually get butterflies when I think about it!

Stephanie, Milton Keynes.

I did my training online with Nisha’s masterclasses  and I was amazed it actually felt like I had her all to myself! The theory took around 3 hours and it was simply amazing, I was hooked. I have a newborn and had to stop/pause a couple of times for feeding breaks.. I probably took longer than others to do the practical tasks but I absolutely loved doing them.

I work long hours and at first the thought of coming home to ‘study’ felt a little daunting and I wasn’t sure if I’d be disciplined enough to commit to training exercises but right from the start of the course I was hooked! The content was so engaging that I found I was actually cancelling things in my social calendar so I could stay home and learn.

Angela, Manchester.

I was disappointed I couldn’t make it to London to do my training last Summer so was thrilled when I heard about the Online  courses and I honestly couldn’t be more happier with the results. I got training straight away. Nisha knows how passionate I am about setting up my own styling business here in Singapore and continue to motivate and mentor me every step of the way, I love getting feedback during our regular chats, it’s like I’ve gained a new friend.

Jess, Singapore.

I live in India and as much as I’d love to study in London, by the time I’ve paid for flights and accommodation the cost is just something I can’t afford. The online option is so cost effective. No one in my existing employment knows what I’m up to, I do an hours theory with Nisha online each day before work and in the evening work on the tasks, its so easy and there’s no jet lag!! I’m loving the course content and my sisters are loving their mini make-overs too, I can’t wait to do the Mens Styling course and style my husband!

Sheetal, Mumbai.

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