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Case Studies

“If you don’t build your dreams someone else will hire you to build theirs…”

Christine Owen
Intensive Training Delegate

Intensive Training Delegate
From the Gym floor to the shop floor.

'A Touch of Tsila'

Intensive Training Delegate
From working on the shop floor, to creating her own catwalk!

Nasia Khan
Intensive Training Delegate
Based in: London

Intensive Training Delegate
Aged: 42
From working in Finance to Fashion as a full-time Personal Stylist.

Intensive Training Delegate : Louisa Boultonlea

Intensive Training Delegate: Louisa Boultonlea

Based: London

Hi, I’m Louisa. As a buyer with over 15 years’ experience in the fashion industry, I have worked with everyone from luxury high-end brands to high-street and on-line clothing markets. While rewarding and invaluable in many ways, it also had a fast paced and commercially aggressive edge that often left me feeling unfulfilled.

I missed the simple appeal of fashion as a form of personal self-expression and style. After having my second child, I decided to take the leap and carve out a new career that focused on my true love – Personal Styling. Listening, talking, exploring and creating style solutions that breathe life and love back into individuals’ wardrobes.

The Style ME intensive training course really helped me to path the way for this new venture by giving me the confidence to set up my own personal styling business.

At the heart of my ethos is a fundamental belief that less is always more; that carefully considered fashion choices can create simple, versatile, timeless, effortless but always stylish outfits that work for your lifestyle, your needs and your budget.

I specialise in helping people find clothes that make them happy. I want you to step out feeling confident and comfortable about what you’re wearing without having the often-tiresome daily panic of ‘what to wear!’ Life is stressful enough without having to worry about putting outfits together…. Drop me a line and I’d love to help with any of your styling dilemmas.

Louisa x

Intensive Training Delegate :Kenza Ya

Intensive Training Delegate: Kenza Ya

Based: London, Marrakesh

Hi, I’m Kenza, for years I worked in Real Estate, but my two passions have always been fashion and travel. I’ve been lucky enough to live in Marrakech, Paris, South of France, and I’m now currently residing in both Marrakech and London.

Even though I have always had a natural flair for fashion and style, when the penny dropped and I realised I was born to be a Personal Stylist and that I could take advantage of my language skills of French, Arabic and English I was so excited.

I contacted Nisha and before I knew it, I was in London, on the 5-day Intensive Training Course making my dream a reality. The personal styling knowledge I gained on colours and body shapes has without a doubt complimented my passion for fashion styling and couture and

Because I have a great understanding of different cultures, and I’m flexible to travel with clients to different events, my business has now expanded rapidly, and I really am loving my life as a Personal Stylist and given me an edge against other personal shoppers.

I believe that being well dressed enhances people’s comfort and by definition their mood, this is my philosophy and my ambition for my client in whatever environment or whatever event they are attending, and comfort really does begin with knowing what colours and styles suit you.

Kenza x

Intensive Training Delegate :Mirjam Makinde<br />

Intensive Training Delegate: Mirjam Makinde

Based: London

Hi, I’m Mirjam, and I’ve been in the Retail world ever since I can remember, from my early years in the Netherlands studying Art and Textiles, to working as a buyer for Fenwick Bond St, to owning my own boutique called Broadway in North London.

Having ran the boutique for 30 years, I came at a crossroads post Covid, business was slow, and I needed to add a value-added service to retain loyalty from my customers, many whom over Covid had gotten used to shopping online.

After a good chat with Nisha, I knew adding personal styling services to my skillset was the most definitely the way forward! I loved my training; it was formulaic and therefore repeatable on the shop floor. Customers now come in and I can advise them on exactly what is the perfect outfit for their unique colouring and body shape. Customers have fed back they love how knowledgeable I am and how refreshing it is that I am not doing any hard selling which you often get when visiting smaller boutiques.

In all honesty, I have gained so much confidence since my training, not only with helping customers choose the right outfit, or on my buying trips but with my own personal style too. Knowing what colours suit you, how to dress for your body shape and then creating a Capsule Wardrobe perfect for your lifestyle really is the key!

If anyone is in the area, please drop by and say hello and I am also available for Personal Styling services within North London.


Mirjam x

Natasha Adams Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Natasha Adams

Based: London

My Mother was my biggest inspiration. She took great pride in how she dressed. She always looked colour coordinated and stylish and would always compliment interesting jewellery with any outfit. We never had much money in those days. And she never had time to shop. But my mother was still able to dress herself and me so fashionably. I remember wearing pretty dresses with the classic buckle shoes and Peter Pan collar coat. Like I’d come out of Laura Ashley. As I got older, I started to understand how my mother was able to dress me and herself smart.

My mother would shop in second-hand stores, low-end high-street shops, hand me downs from friends and family. She knew how to style our clothes. Which was an added bonus to our outfits. The moto of my story is, you don’t have to have a lot of money for you and your family to be dressed well. You can all look fashionable on any given budget!

After Fifteen years of working for a Fashion Company as a Receptionist. I decided to change my career. I had a huge desire to work for myself. As I’m a huge fashionista, a lover of clothes and styling. And one with great vision. I suddenly thought what could be better than becoming a Personal Stylist.

I decided to provide a Personal Styling service for busy mothers with children. Who do not have the time to shop or may have a low budget? I myself am a mother of two and remember how hard it was trying to work, look after the house, and kids. Plus, still wanting to look and feel good. It was impossible. I’d literally be on the school run, play dates, or at kid’s activities wearing the famous black leggings and baggy hoody. This was the most practical outfit I had in my wardrobe. But I despised it really. It was such an effortless/ scruffy look. But I never had time for myself to even create nice casual looks every day. Going shopping with two young children was a mission, as I’d spend half my time running and chasing them around the shops, shouting at them to behave themselves. Then come home deflated after looking around the shops for hours on end.

It’s very easy to become body conscious, lose your confidence and self-esteem caused by life changes I.e. Kids, careers, or an illness. But no matter what body shape you have, your budget or your lifestyle. As your Personal Stylist I’m here to help all you busy Mothers to overcome this. To make you look good and feel good about yourself again no matter what your budget. My first client was of course me, learning how to dress my shape, wear my colours and build myself a capsule wardrobe via my training with Nisha is what transformed me and now I love helping other women especially mums ditch their leggings and baggy hoods too!

Remember style is about confidence that’s the real beauty..

Natalie xx

Hayley Norris

Intensive Training delegate: Hayley Norris

Based: Bedfordshire

For the past 18 years I had a career in the Police working long hours wearing a uniform day and night. With a new milestone Birthday coming up as I was preparing to say goodbye to my 30’s, having endured 4 years of fertility issues, I knew it was time that I finally surrendered and pursued the career of my dreams.

This is when I found Nisha, I was in discussion with one of my colleagues at the time who had told me he bought his wife the Colour Analysis package with Nisha at Style ME and how happy his wife was after, the synchronicity was unbelievable. I knew I had to take action and make contact with her.

I love fashion and following trends, although some Designer wear can be out of my reach financially, I know that I can stay within the remit of my budget by choosing the right fabrics and materials for clothes and accessories. I absolutely love experimenting with clothes and visualising outfits for all occasions, and I knew I wanted to help those achieve that wow factor using my knowledge of how best to dress each individual body shape. It gives me so much satisfaction and excitement to help bring out self-confidence in the clothes that I have chosen, achieving balance and enhancing ones skin tone making them look younger and slimmer with the right allocated colour pallet.

Being a Personal Stylist and helping others achieve their personal look is not only by following the simple Science behind dressing the right shape and utilising the right colours to accentuate your best assets. It is also about expressing empathy and feeling what you feel when you come to me for help. I’ve had many a struggle myself when deciding on what to wear for certain events and lacking self-esteem. Now I have the full confidence to show off my best assets, wear the right colours that make me glow and co-ordinate my wardrobe for simplicity when making that choice of outfit, the compliments just keep on coming, I love it!

Let me help you receive those compliments, so you can walk with pride and ooze that positive energy that attracts all that you want in life!


Anastasia Ziamos - Personal Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Anastasia Ziamos

Based: London and Greece

Discovering your personal style can be stressful, given the countless trends available. I can understand the feeling having been there myself once. As a full time nurse, I simply love shopping and following fashion and trends during my time off. However as much as I loved shopping I had started to see more and more clothes in my wardrobe still with the price tags on, never worn. I was buying into the latest trends but hardly ever wearing them!

I decided to train with Nisha at the Style ME Training Academy as I thought I’d love to know more about fashion and styling and this is where the penny dropped. I was taught just because an item of clothing fitted me didn’t necessarily mean it suited my body shape, my complexion or my lifestyle. No more wasted money on clothes that I’ll never wear! I was thrilled.

During the training I quickly realised that just by wearing the right clothes you can increase your confidence and change your attitude! It was unbelievable how an incredibly simple but life-changing method of dressing your shape and wearing your colours can completely change your appearance. That’s when I knew I would love doing this for others. Having had that journey from frustrating shopping outings and disappointing/confusing trips to the mall to effortlessly singling out what items suit me, I could empathise and would show my clients the way.

Roll on a few months and I’m now absolutely loving help young women, like myself, look their best and enjoy shopping for new trends armed with the knowledge of exactly what trends to avoid and which trends to invest in as they’ll always be ‘on trend’ for them.

Thank you Style ME!


Lajali Zahra

Intensive Training delegate: Lajali Zahra

Based: Austria

I always admired my mother’s style. Her outfits were always on point. She was well dressed and took great care of her appearance. I loved how great she looked and the self-confidence she represented. I used to spend a lot of time with her and accompany to many of her social gatherings. Just like her, I started to pay attention to what I was wearing.

Then in my early twenties I decided to wear Hijab and cover my hair. Back then I realized how difficult it can be to be modest and fashionable at the same time. It mattered a lot to me that now since I wore the Hijab that I still feel good about my outfits, be stylish and modest at the same time. It took me some time to develop my own way to combine the Hijab and style, but it worked out. Today, I want to help women to dress their best and express themselves.

I love styling people. It started long time ago before I even knew that what I did was some sort of styling. One thing led to the other. First, I started sytling my family members. Then I used to dress my friends when they had important events and in the last years friends of friends started to approach me. Helping people to find their style is very empowering. It is so much connected to the psychology. When people start dressing well they start feeling better and as a result they perform much better in daily life and work.

One year ago I realized that I wanted to reach out to different clients from all walks of life. I wanted to take my self-thought Sytling skills to another level and wanted to get more professional. Although I´m living in Austria I was willing to look for a Training in the UK. I wanted to do my Training in English and which place is better in terms of fashion than London. The city of good taste. After I did some research I found at the StyleME Academy the intensive training course. Booked it, did it and loved it.

I´m glad I came to London and spent my time with Nisha. I definitely learned a lot. She gave me all the theoretical knowhow to the practical skills I already had. This still helps me a lot to understand my clients better. They in turn profit from my training. I learned everything about the different body shapes, the science behind colour analysis, menswear and image consulting.

I really can tell how the training helps me to understand my client’s needs better. I am showing them how dressing well can be made easier for them as soon as we do their wardrobe check and personal styling. My clients also appreciate the personal shopping part. Together, we manage to find the perfect outfits that work ideally for their body shapes and colours.

I am definitely ready to take my business to the next level with the help of awesome Nisha!


Emma Pepper, Intensive Styling Graduate

Intensive Training delegate: Emma Pepper

Based: London

I had a lightbulb moment when I woke up one Sunday morning and thought ‘I want to be a personal stylist.” I had been to a store a few months earlier and had used the services of the stylist there. Although she asked me a few details about what I was looking for, I didn’t really think she ‘got me,’ a feeling that was confirmed when she brought in a huge rail of clothes, none of which fitted or suited me. I ended up buying a black top, after specifically saying I didn’t want anything black! Having never been a particularly confident person and one who was in a style rut, even I thought that I could do a better job of truly understanding the clothing needs and style of others.

I was working as a Nurse a couple of days a week and also working as a Complementary Therapist. I loved doing my therapies and still work in a cancer centre, giving massage and reflexology to clients. I was, however, starting to get dissatisfied with Nursing. The best part of the job is being with patients and providing them with advice and support through their illness. However the physical nature, staff shortages and politics of working in a large organisation began to take its toll. I wanted to help people but in a more fun way. I also love working for myself.

So I began thinking a lot about styling. I have always loved clothes, shoes and bags. Like a lot of people, I had some great clothes in my wardrobe but also some very expensive mistakes. It was definitely a case of quantity over quality with me, a cupboard bulging with clothes, many of which I hadn’t worn in years. What could be a better way of combining my love of clothes with giving practical help to women like me?

I started searching and quickly found Nisha offered the training I was looking for. The training was an amazing experience, learning about how the correct colours and body shapes can transform you by making you look younger, slimmer, lightening your face and making your eyes sparkle.

My first case study was me and what a fantastic experience it was to go shopping and only look at the clothes that would suit my body shape and colours. And I was ruthless in my wardrobe too, discarding clothes I had never really felt comfortable wearing because they were wrong for me.

My clients love that fact that I am like them, that I can relate to them and help them to rediscover their style with care and kindness.

Sacha Velina Personal Stylist, Bristol

Intensive Training delegate: Sacha Velina, 28

Based: Bristol – London

I looked in the mirror day and night, thinking, “what is wrong with me?”, this took over my life for 10 years. No doubt there are people out there like me, suffering/suffered anxiety, depression, lack of identity, lack of confidence , medical conditions, physical impairments, illness, loss etc. now presenting itself as that inner critique, the ‘devil’ on your shoulder holding you back from what you strive for and deserve. It takes a lot of hard work and strength to triumph over this however I’m now able to choose one thought over the other, the positive over the negative and I’m proud!

A psychology degree , creativity , emotional intelligence, caring and of course a elegant eye for style are amongst my personal positives. Through this focus I discovered Personal Shopping, the perfect combination of psychology and creativity. As Personal Shopper for Debenhams I began helping others express who they were or wanted to be through our outfit choices, building confidence in themselves and in me.

Eager to further grow I turned to Style ME Training under the ongoing mentoring of Nisha. Nisha was professional, passionate and inspirational, most importantly I could relate to her; her past career and her deep understanding of psychology. The training gave me a simple yet effective formula to follow, it was exactly what I needed and with each practical session my confidence grew. I felt Nisha really believed in me, after saying she was not even 5% worried about my styling skills I left with my head high and flicked that little devil called ‘doubt’ to the curb.

Now I have experienced modern life; the pressure to constantly look the part, the competition, the workload. You may be tuning into sustainable fashion, transforming gender or simply want to feel great about yourself in order to live your best life. The solutions are with me and my timeless lessons in style, look the part, feel the part and believe in you!

Have you got an interview, a wedding, a first time you’ll see the ex party? Become the priority in your life, book in a session with me!

Sacha @SVS x

Sarah Salisbury Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Sarah Salisbury

Based: Canterbury

I’ve always had an obsessive love for fashion and have long dreamt of a way I could develop a career around my passion.

As I entered my forties and started to acknowledge the changes that take place mentally and physically (some good and some…….well…..not so good!) I realised there was a whole gap in the fashion market for women like me, who unlike the mothers and grandmothers before us (who’d slid quietly and often sadly into the invisibility of middle age) still wanted to look fashionable and relevant.

We’re a new breed of dynamic, empowered, forty something’s, but with this freedom come new problems:

Lack of confidence caused by life changes e.g. kids growing up; movement in careers, divorce or illness can rock even the most forthright of women. Coupled with a society that demands we look good and feel good at all times regardless of age, race, sex or circumstance, the pressure to appear fashionable and attractive can be exhausting and daunting.

This desire to help women navigate a generation where they’re expected to keep up and not grow old led me to the Style ME Training Academy who helped hone my natural flair and passion into a business.

Like many women I had a wardrobe stuffed with beautiful clothes that I never wore. Using the skills I gained from the Style ME training I soon realised why those clothes were left on the hangars – they just didn’t suit me! They were either the wrong colour or shape for me and did nothing to help my appearance. It really was that simple and by sticking to the few clear and easy rules outline by Nisha it was incredibly easy to dress my hour glass figure with summer colours and I’ve never felt better!

I’ve never met a woman (myself included) regardless of age, size or background who wouldn’t love to look more attractive, slimmer or confident and the science behind the styling I learnt with Style ME means I’m now able to pass this amazing knowledge regarding personal style on to my clients.

Most importantly I want to ensure that any time spent with me whether looking at colours and body shape, cleansing a wardrobe or personal shopping is fun! Fashion is fabulous and I fully intend that as well as creating a working, easy wardrobe of clothes that flatter a client, they will also leave me with a huge smile and a spring in their new and beautifully-shod step!

Sarah x

Personal Stylist Nalan Jolly

Intensive Training delegate: Nalan Jolly

Based: Essex

A couple of years ago, I was watching my children playing, running about and having fun! I realised that I was on the outside watching and not really part of it! I was missing out on the best parts of their lives. After many diets & much soul searching, I booked myself in for a life changing gastric bypass surgery.

Fast forward 2 years… has it been easy? No! But boy has it been a journey and an amazing one at that! I had lost 9 stone in weight but realised that although I was very happy with my new size & able to shop for England, I rarely felt great! Most of the clothes, I had either worn once or stayed in my wardrobe unworn. Deflated, I started to investigate and research why?

I booked onto a training course with Nisha, initially to learn more around the fundamentals of how to style myself. From the moment I spoke with Nisha on the phone, I decided the Style ME Academy was the right one for me. I learned so much in a short space of time. It was an intensive week to say the least! The course itself was informative, varied & practical. I learnt that the reason why I wasn’t wearing those new clothes was because they simply didn’t suit my new body shape. I realised that we are so obsessed with sizing that we don’t even think to ask: “will this item even suit me?” As long as I can get into to that’s all that matters.

Roll on 2 months and I’ve total changed my whole approach to my style & the way I shop and have happily been passing on my knowledge to my new clients. My wardrobe is currently at least one sixth of what it was, but I wear everything and when I say everything I mean everything! Each item is perfect for my Circle shape and Summer colouring and I just love getting dressed up no matter what the occasion. It’s funny I’ve had more compliments since my training with Style ME than I had post op losing all the weight…and the best part is I’m saving a fortune by not spending on unworn clothes!

Skip forward again and I am now a personal stylist helping others to look & feel as great as I do especially women and men post surgery, really educating them that dressing your shape and wearing your colours is the most essential thing… maybe even more than the size of clothes you can get into…

Please do get in touch, I’d love to help you on your journey..

Nalan x

Marine - Personal Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Marine Courreau

Based: London and France

Hi I’m Marine

Before moving to England, I was housekeeping supervisor in 5 star hotels on the French Riviera, where I come from and the Caribbean.

Often no matter how many beautiful branded clothes my clients could have, half of the time they simply were not looking their best, not because they didn’t have good style but because their clothes actually didn’t suit them. I was intrigued to find out why! Which was when I decided to train as a Personal Stylist with the Style ME Training Academy and it was here that I learnt the reason why those fabulous clothes were wrong was because they didn’t suit their body shape or complexion, could it really be that simple? The training was such an eye opener for me…I instantly knew I wanted to help other people in this situation.

That was a few months ago and now I am extremely happy to be able to help my clients struggling with not enough time and energy to not only manage their wardrobes/items but to actually choose them items that will flatter them from head to toe. I love bringing my french touch to our sessions, My eye for detail I’ve been told is definitely a plus point and I just love bringing their confidence back. I am not judgmental; I’m open minded and trustworthy.

Every single client is different, but I work with the key rules Nisha has taught me using body shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle to make sure you remain yourself but look and feel amazing every day no matter what the occasion.

Marine x

Patricia Baines - Personal Stylist

Intensive Training delegate:Patricia Baines

Based: Chichester, Portsmouth, Petersfield

I’m Patricia and I’m a personal stylist who can help you to create the best version of you.I first became passionate about colour and style about 20 years ago when I had my colours done. I really can’t over estimate how it transformed my life; it saved me both money and time. I could go into a shop and eliminate at least 50% of the clothes as I knew the colours were not for me but most importantly it gave me confidence as I only ever wore colours that made me look radiant.

Over the last 20 years I have worked part time as a teacher with adults. I have loved this job; it has been a privilege to work with such a diverse group of people. Through this role I have learnt how to help people see the strengths in themselves and their lives, how their life experiences makes them unique and how it can be used to achieve new and rewarding career aims. I have had to become a great communicator, learn how to put people at ease and learn how to encourage them to talk about themselves.

These skills and experiences, along with my passion for clothes and style are what enable me to teach my now personal styling clients the skills and knowledge they need, not only to be someone who is admired for always looking stunning, radiant and good for their age, but someone who has the confidence to go and achieve their goals.

I am also a busy Mum of three children and haven’t always had the luxury of time or money to choose the right clothes. I know the importance of being able to put together an outfit / capsule wardrobe on a budget and still look good to maintain your self-confidence and self-esteem.

My training with Style ME was 100% the right choice as through learning the science to dressing right it was a perfect match and add on to the skills I’ve learnt through my teaching career. I would love to help you with any of your styling dilemmas so please get in touch.

Patricia x


“I had thought about becoming a personal stylist for years but always found reasons why it wasn’t the right time to do it. However in December 2017 I handed in my notice as a teacher and so had no choice but to do it!

I researched a number of courses, some of which were online, but felt that I would prefer face to face training and Nisha’s course was perfect; it was intense but could be completed in a short period of time, which suited my time frame and style of learning. I was worried before starting the course as being a teacher I am very critical whenever I go on training courses, but Nisha’s course was very well structured and provided varied resources and activities to acquire the knowledge. Nisha is so very positive and passionate about style and colours that you can’t help but acquire that enthusiasm as well. She is also very knowledgeable regarding building a business, having done it herself, and is a great support; she’s very critical, but in a positive way! She will explain why your ideas won’t work and talk you through other options. If you are thinking of becoming a personal stylist, I would definitely chose Style ME Training Academy.”

Roger Ozfaris Stylist Training Delegate

Intensive Training delegate:Roger Ozfaris

Based: London, West Midlands

’Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.’’ -Bill Cunningham
From a very young age I knew my passion always lay in visual arts, costume design, and in women’s fashion in particular. Being of Macedonian and Turkish origin and having studied in various cities in UK since my GCSEs I’ve been always fascinated with how people from all walks of life manifest themselves in fabric both in the east and the west.

By the time I knocked on Ms Nisha’s door years of sketching illustrations, art training and an absolute passion for clothes and fashion had all bubbled up to a point where it couldn’t be stopped anymore. Through Ms Nisha’s unfathomable business mind and her deep understanding of the dynamics of Fashion Styling, I’ve been taught how to merge my artistic flair and aesthetic approach with the right techniques and methods to create breath taking outcomes and enduring contributes to every client’s transformation both visual and mental.

At the moment I’m very pleased to admit that I get to work with an ever-growing number of clients male and female, young and mature. Due to my unorthodox belief that; Every outfit is a person and every person is a story, yet it is up to us how grandly we want to share our tale through pattern, cuts, colours and textile, we get to create unique results and sometimes all you need is a great Personal Stylist to help you bring your story to life whilst creating you a balanced slimmer silhouette.

I may be one of the younger stylists out there but with that comes lots of energy and enthusiasm to really create those amazing transformations and bring you out of your comfort zone.


Helen Gormley Transformational Coach and Personal Stylist

Intensive Training delegate:
Transformational Coach & Personal Stylist, Helen Gormley

Based: Bournemouth, Poole and London

Hello I’m Helen and I am a qualified and experienced transformational coach. In a nutshell, I help people achieve transformational change through Wellbeing, Positive Psychology and Style. With many years of experience, insight and qualifications in the field of maximising human potential I specialise in personal styling, psychology, positive psychology, coaching, mindfulness, energy psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, NLP and education. I have worked with hundreds of clients who have wanted to change their lives, mindset, overcome obstacles and gain greater confidence to show up in the world. As a result of our work together my clients show up full engaged and flourishing in their lives.

Personally, I have always been interested in personal styling and had my own colours done over ten years ago which was a breakthrough moment for me. In 2017 I was also at an interesting phase as I was coming up to 50th Birthday in January 2018. I am a parent, carer and working Mum and have not long moved to a new part of the country so lots of changes! I also know first hand that it is sometimes difficult to prioritise you first. So I wanted to also re-energise my own wardrobe, style and be able to do the same for others. When we are stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted the last thing we might want to focus on is ourselves and understand how we can look and feel better; that is where I can help you.

I am very excited in 2018 to launch my personal styling dimension, which have added to my wonderful existing range of coaching services – my styling module! In terms of training, all of my education, training, teaching and professional career has always been from an evidence-based approach and when I was looking for an intensive personal styling course I found NIsha. From our first discussion I knew I wanted to train with Style ME and booked on immediately and well the rest is visible! I have not looked back and love it very much enjoying working with both men and women.

I am very excited and passionate about what I do and I love people. With the right tools and resources you too can find yourself emerging into many more new possibilities, opportunities and transformation. Please do get in touch, as I would love to help you on your journey!

Jency Morales, Personal Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Personal Stylist, Jency Morales

Based in London & Mexico

Sometimes we struggle to define ourselves or who we want to be, but then there it is, that moment, the one that everyone is looking for, where suddenly everything makes sense!

Hi I’m, Jency, from Mexico. My background is varied. I graduated in Psychology with the desire to understand and help people. I worked for a while as a teacher feeling quite accomplished.

A general strong passion for fashion describes myself since I was very young, constantly interested in knowing more about the latest trends and always available to go for a good shopping day with a friend!

Almost three years ago life dragged me to London and immediately I felt the incredible potential of this amazing city. Here fashion is everywhere, in any shape and form, multicultural and different, powerful and influential and although I worked in something apparently unrelated, here, in this great place called London I felt I could really be part of this industry.

I arrived with three big suitcases full of clothes, and soon enough I realised I didn’t have anything to wear! Nothing I owned was right for this lifestyle or this weather. I was feeling frustrated every time I had to go to dinner parties or in general in any everyday situations that required a specific dress code. I believed there had to be a science behind this, I knew what was on trend, I knew I had a good eye for spotting nice pieces and people always liked my clothes and asked me for advice, but I still felt there was something missing.

After a good amount of time spent doing research I found Style ME and decided to train with Nisha and here it is that moment I was talking about! Immediately after starting the course I realised this was going to be a life changing experience, suddenly everything made sense.

I understood what I was doing wrong and learned how to style my body shape so that I could look and feel amazing all the time and the colour analysis…just mind blowing! It’s unbelievable what the right colours could do for me!

Aware and confident I started shopping only for the right clothes for Jency, not just general trends as I was so used to buying. Instantly I started to get a lot of compliments referred to my personal look and style, not just about my clothes, and at the same time I saw that I was saving a lot of money!

In the same way all my previous interests and experiences connected between each other, the desire to help and understand people, my degree in psychology, the passion for fashion, everything was fitting perfectly in one profession: the personal stylist.

My family and friends back in Mexico tell me all the time how living in London makes me look younger and happier but it’s not just “living in London”, it’s that NOW I know how to style myself and how to help people doing the same!

I really wish I had known all this before; I could have saved a lot of time and money! The most satisfying and accomplishing feeling is that now I can help women to look their best and feel always amazing, so they can get that self-confidence they so deserve.

Chloe Stylist based in London

Intensive Training delegate: Personal Stylist, Chloe Jean

Based in London

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work in fashion. From the age of four until I was in my teens, I used to design outfits and next to the pictures I would write the models name, age and certain aspects of her personality. I always had the client in mind, even at a young age and it makes me smile when I think about it.

I’ve gone through numerous careers over the years and have always expressed my creativity in some way; make-up artistry, nail technology, and most recently what I thought was my true calling: a massage therapist. I was making people truly happy and had built up a long list of clients. It seemed as though I should be happy and fulfilled, but I felt like I was missing out on something.

I’ve always loved helping people and making them feel amazing in a significant way. That part of my job has always been fulfilling, but as much as I loved my career, I believed I was missing out on my long-held dream of working in fashion. I’m not sure what I was waiting for, or why I was holding myself back, but with a lot of encouragement from my boyfriend and an epiphany I suddenly had on my 27th birthday, I decided to leave my career as a Massage Therapist and find what I had been missing out on all these years, my actual TRUE calling.

It took a lot of research and a lot of soul-searching but when I finally got the answer, I couldn’t believe I had never thought of it before. I should be a Personal Stylist!! My genuine care for people matched with my passion for styling and natural therapeutic ability would be the perfect recipe.

I looked at so many courses online but when I came to the Style ME website, something just felt right immediately. Being someone who’s very in touch with their spiritual energy, and trusts their intuition, I decided to make an enquiry right then and there. And I’m so glad I did! After speaking with Nisha on the phone, I realised that doing the one week intensive course was indeed the right decision for me and not only that, it was the right time in my life to start this new career, and she absolutely was the right person to teach me!

The course was very intense, hence the name but also very informative and super enjoyable. The information we received was clear, concise and we were given multiple opportunities to practise and sharpen our abilities every single day. I found that I was improving rapidly and couldn’t get enough of the teaching material!! I had never felt so hungry for anything like this before.

By the end of the week I felt so ready to do our practise client and although I was nervous, I knew I had everything I needed to succeed. It was an amazing experience and the feedback I received from my client was so encouraging and I felt so proud of myself.

The course has been such an eye opener and in reflection I can’t believe the formula Nisha teaches is so scientific and simple. It makes getting dressed and teaching women to get dressed so much easier. Thank you to Nisha for being such a great teacher, mentor and for being the last voice I needed to hear to push me to go for my dream. I can’t believe this is my career now. It still feels so surreal!

Chloe x

Melissa Fenwick Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Personal Stylist , Melissa Fenwick

Based in Surrey

What I do now is all I’ve ever wanted to do! I’m very lucky and priveged to be able to help men and women empower themselves through confidence in how they dress. Your appearance does not have all the answers but it’s a great way to start. The compliments my customers get when they know they look the best version of themselves are simply fantastic.

My training with Nisha was just what I needed; so knowledgeable and easy to listen to and because the content made sense it was essentially very easy to absorb. My Intensive training included a business planning session where Nisha helped me hone in on who my target audience is which made the next steps of actually getting the clients so much easier and I have to say I have never looked backed. It’s easy to say “oh I’ll do that one day”.. in my experience there is no time like the present. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of hard work, but the rewards of having my own business and working to my timetable far outweigh that.

We all have our own style. It took me a while to gain the confidence to appreciate mine, to find out who I am and now it’s so rewarding to help others find theirs. I’m passionate about inspiring men and women to be age-amazing! At 50, with no intention of letting time pass me by, I love my job and am looking forward to building my business even further, meeting new customers, helping and inspiring them to find the fun in dressing again…

Melissa x

Claire Wright

Intensive Training delegate: Personal Stylist and Health Coach, Claire Wright

Based in Oxfordshire

Helping you get your personal style and diet just right!

I knew some changes were coming in my life when I reached my forties, I started to become dissatisfied in my job and started to feel I had lost my way a bit and had neglected my own needs. I loved being a mother to my two children and supporting my husband in his career, however, knew there was something missing in my life. I thought back to what I used to love and what excited me: food and fashion came to mind!

I knew my diet needed an overhaul but wasn’t keen on going on another fad diet, as I knew the results wouldn’t last, so I decided to take a course in nutrition, to find out the truth about foods and how they impact our health and weight. The course was fascinating and enabled me to qualify as a Nutritional Health Coach and start looking after my own health and wellbeing.

Since then I have worked as a health coach, helping women to create better wellness in their lives. I have loved seeing them transform their health and weight but at the end of their journey, for most, it triggered them wanting to make further changes to their image, especially if they had lost weight and needed a new wardrobe to compliment their new figure.

I wanted to support them further and so having a keen interest in fashion, I felt a personal styling course would be a great extension to my business that my clients would really value. After looking at courses, I booked a call with Nisha from Style ME, her passion and enthusiasm for styling and her explanation of the science behind body shapes and how to dress for each type, left me hooked and I knew every woman would love to know this!

Compelled to do the course, I booked my travel to London and spent 3 days training with Nisha, this gave me a great insight into personal styling and encompassed colour analysis, personal shopping and wardrobe styling. To be honest it felt like a bit of a personal journey for myself as I discovered what colours suited me and how to dress for my body shape and I was wowed by how much my image and appearance improved by following Style ME’s unique formula.

Now approaching 50, I feel I have finally got it right in both my diet and my personal style. Knowing the secrets of good health and good styling have helped me to reignite my passion for life again. I feel more youthful, vibrant, energised and slimmer then I did 10 years ago and it was all down to me saying “yes I deserve this”.

I now love helping women to achieve this too, so they can become the best version of themselves – looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside. My core client base are mums who are busy with work and family needs, putting themselves at the bottom of their to do list. I love showing them how to create a capsule wardrobe; finding them clothes that flatter them, helping them look slimmer and radiant; clothes they can dress up or down, saving them both time and money and for most that much needed space in their wardrobe!

The great thing is that it is achievable for everyone no matter what their budget and it’s so rewarding to see my clients loving their new image and exuding a new found sense of confidence again.

Claire x

Stylist Training delegate, Liberty

Intensive Training delegate: Personal Stylist and Interior Designer, Liberty Dzvadzviki

Based in Birmingham

I always knew I loved styling, fashion and interior designing which I did years back but I didn’t know how to turn it into a productive career or business all those years ago, I became frustrated and abandoned my dreams of doing anything in the creative field.

Instead I decided to study as a Mental Psychotherapist, I loved the idea of helping people feel better about themselves. Although I enjoyed my work something kept nagging me that this career path was not enough for me and my mind kept taking me back to my dream of working in fashion. Call it fate or the right timing but I stumbled across Style ME Training’s website and after a quick chat with Nisha I was hooked. A career as a Personal Stylist was the one for me! It made perfect sense as my people skills, my ongoing desire to help people and my love for everything to do with fashion were the key requisites according to Nisha to become a Personal Stylist. It feels like it took a lifetime to come to this career decision but once I made the decision everything just happened so quickly.

The next thing I knew I was booking a train from Birmingham to London and attending the 1 week Intensive Training course, where I learnt how to style women, men, colour analysis, wardrobe styling and also more importantly how to style myself, I couldn’t believe despite loving clothes I myself was in need of some key rules! I loved the training and learnt so much in such a short period of time.

It is mind blowing just how far I have come since the training and how I can confidently style both men and women and the best part is my skill set can travel with me anywhere in the world. The only decision I’m now facing is whether to take this to Dubai or South Africa!

For anyone who stubbles upon this website and reads my story, don’t hesitate to take this golden opportunity, you’ll never look back!


Jordan Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Full time Personal Stylist Jordan, based in London

Hey I’m Jordan!

Although one of the youngest Style ME personal stylists, I have over 5 years experience in the fashion retail industry.

I moved to London last year after graduating from University for a job as a Visual Merchandiser at a flagship store on Oxford Street. As I was constantly working with amazing clothes and love making people feel good about them-selves, I realised my real passion was Personal Styling.

I decided to do the one-week intensive course at Style ME and it was the best thing I ever did. We learnt all about body shapes and fits, colour analysis, menswear styling and how to start our own business. Although it was intense, I left the course feeling totally ready to start my styling career, and shortly after I landed my dream job as a personal shopper on a well-known brand on Oxford Street.

Joining Style ME was the best thing I ever did, as I can now confidently advise my clients on how to dress for their body shape, make sure they are wearing colours that compliment them, and show them how to build a capsule wardrobe. Not only for clients that come through the store but with my private clients too. My training has made me 100% confident in my job role, and made sure that I can give my best knowledge and advice to my clients. As well as having an amazing mentor in Nisha at the end of the phone whenever I need them!

So if you ever need any help or advice on how to wear the latest trends, or just want general styling guidance please feel free to get in contact!

Jordan x

Ewelina case Study

Intensive Training delegate:Full time Personal Stylist Ewelina Barwicka, based in London & Poland

In your dream’s footsteps

Some of us are lucky enough to know early what we truly love. Some follow their dreams and turn them into a reality right away without falling into the traps of the jobs that are considered “good”, prestigious, and profitable but give us no pleasure and turn us into wrecked and frustrated robots.

For others, although everything is in a seemingly perfect order; have a good well paid job, great friends, family, love but they still feel so restless, unhappy at times, as if something was missing but they don’t know what it is. It may be many things and it may be simply the fact that we feel unfulfilled with the job we are doing. We dream of the impossibility of a passion rather than a 9-5 job that would not feel like a job but then we quickly open our eyes and obediently go back to our desks. Life goes on.

It takes time and life experiences to realise what is “our thing”. It takes guts sometimes to admit what makes us excited, driven and motivated. We also need the right circumstances to make it a feasible reality. I have met a lot of new people, some friends too, recently that have discovered their passions and are working on changing their lives by doing what they really love, as a full time business, a side job or a hobby for now.

Take me for instance. It took me a good couple of years, 2 Masters Degrees, an array of various jobs to realise that I actually want to follow my childhood passion. I really wish I still had the notebooks with my fashion drawings when I was 7 or 8! I am not sure they would make it to VOGUE but they would be a great reminder of what I have always loved; clothes, fashion, models, art, drawing, images and all the beautiful things. I realised it when I felt super restless and to follow my gut feeling and admit that this is what makes my heart pump for real.

Personal Styling appealed to me instantly as it multifaceted. It incorporates working with one’s unique features; natural colouring and body shape, and matching it with the classic style and current fashion trends. The way I see it, it even touches upon couching by addressing body issues, boosting self-confidence and recreating the way we see ourselves.

The new things I discovered during my course at STYLE ME training simply amazed me and made me fascinated with the whole idea of our uniqueness. I simply gained the skills of looking your best and I saw the benefits for myself. This is the way to go I think; share what we love and make others benefit as well.

My objective it to make my clients look their absolute best and help them appreciate and make the most of what they already have. This is what Personal Styling is all about, in short. I absolutely love doing colours, shopping and tiding up wardrobes. Through my work, I show my clients how attractive they are, make them feel confident about themselves, make them look great (at all times, yes it is possible!), and teach them how to maintain that great look.

I make my services affordable as, for now, I am not driven by profit and I want people to see that Personal Styling is not exclusive to celebrities, everyone can have it and most of us need it, even just to refresh our looks.

Now, over a year after my training at STYLE ME, I am still in my good full time job but there has been a shift. I am much happier. I live with my passion slowly gaining my styling experience, building my presence and developing my own social media platforms to express myself. Life is so much more fun now and I am looking forward to the bright exciting and glamorous near future of working full time as a Personal Stylist. Always believe and follow your dreams, sooner or later they do come true

Ewelina x

Ayesha Edmondson Personal Stylist

Intensive Training delegate:Full time Personal Stylist, Manchester

Hi I’m Ayesha

I’ve been working in fashion for over twenty five years; in both retail and in personal shopping departments. I’ve seen a lot in these 25 years, both good and bad times. I’ve been married, I’ve gotten divorced and my health suffered drastically after giving birth of my two amazing children leaving me no choice than to take various career breaks but now I’ve returned to the industry fitter and happier than I’ve ever been, just as passionate about fashion and styling as I was when I was a Saturday girl at C&A!

Last year I finally decided to to take the plunge and start my own business doing what I love and becoming a personal stylist. I set about researching how I could make this happen..I felt I was bursting with knowledge and experience.. however.. I wanted to learn more.. That is when I came across Style ME. One motivating and inspiring call with Nisha that’s all it took and my journey had begun and I was on the train to London from Manchester!

After the first day I was on cloud nine. Super excited and couldn’t believe how much I had learnt. The science behind colour was so fascinating to me.. As each training session finished I couldn’t wait for the next. The skills I had learnt through years of experience we’re being reinforced with the science Nisha so effortlessly explained. I couldn’t believe there was an actual formula to dressing men and women in the right clothes perfect for their shape and their complexion. This was a great eye opener for me because despite working in personal shopping departments this was the knowledge/training that was missing.

Nisha helped me open my eyes to new ways to stay ahead of the competition, skills that helped build my confidence away from the security of a department store that I was so used to. We sat down and discussed my business plan. This part although challenging, in hindsight was essential.. Nisha made it so easy for me to understand how to go forward in growing a client base and most importantly identifying who were my target audience.

Finally the last day arrived.. The finale .. The photoshoot at The Face, London. The team of photographers, hairdressers and makeup artists were amazing..I felt nervous and excited but everyone made me feel so welcome, this helped ease my nerves. We got some gorgeous shots. I couldn’t contain my excitement on my train journey home back to Manchester the whole experience left me feeling motivated, confident, ready to start my new venture and honoured to represent Style ME in Manchester.

1 year on, now when I’m styling my private clients I honestly can’t believe just how far I have come.. If you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Stylist, you’re new career could be just a call away! Thank you Style ME.

Ayesha x

Maggie D Stylist Hampshire

Intensive Training delegate: Maggie D, Personal Stylist and Interior Designer, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Like many women, I reached a point in my life where I felt the need to re-invent/re-establish my identity. For me it was after my divorce, but it can be any number of life events that prompt this action. I’d heard about colour analysis from friends and thought it might be an interesting start. In fact, it was the best kick-start I could have hoped for! My shopping trips now had purpose and structure. I felt good in my appearance and satisfied that my purchases were working to maximum benefit.

Having approached my ‘golden years’ now, and knowing first-hand what a confidence and self-esteem booster this can be, I decided it was time to assist other women to greater self-appreciation and success. This is especially important with employment years being increased.

Nisha took me through the Intensive Style ME training, which covers the three main services of Personal Styling: Wardrobe Styling, Personal Shopping and Colour Analysis. At the end of it, I simply couldn’t wait to get started in establishing my client base and inspire women of my age they didn’t need to resort to desperate measures of botox, fillers and liposuction to look and feel good…

Now that I’m actually a working personal stylist it’s so gratifying to see my clients realise how attractive they still are, despite advancing years, and understand that with the knowledge of wearing their right colours for their complexion and the right styles for their individual shape they absolutely can look younger, slimmer, walk taller, reduce the cost of their wardrobe by building a capsule wardrobe and as a result smile more!

I would like to share with you a comment from Caroline Rush, CBE, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council; “When I was in my 20’s, women over 40 probably dressed a bit more conservatively. Now you could see the same working wardrobe on a 20-year-old as you do on a woman in her sixties.”

Feel free to contact me via my website;

Maggie x

“I really enjoyed my training with Style ME. With professionally presented topics and hands on practise on all the key Personal Styling services, I came away feeling confident, ready and well equipped to succeed. I would recommend this course to anyone of any age or background currently thinking and dreaming of being a Personal Stylist”

Paisley Kemp

Essential Training delegate: Paisley Kemp, London, Surrey Owner of Makeupboxlondon – full time Personal Stylist, Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist.

Hi my name is Paisley and I’m your girl if you want professional styling advice on not only your clothing but on your hair and makeup too. Before I discovered Style ME Training I was already a well-established makeup artist and hairdresser and Founder of Makeupboxlondon. I wanted to give my existing clients something extra and Personal Styling seemed like the perfect add on service.

After much research I decided to train with Nisha Founder of Style ME Training and the experience has simply been invaluable. I was in a personal style rut, had put on weight and chose Nisha because she insisted that my first styling client would be me! I was so ready for it and so eager to learn.. To say I went on a personal journey is an understatement; the confidence I gained by learning to dress my shape whilst wearing my colours has just been priceless! What’s enlightened me the most is that by wearing the right colours and style of clothing we can all become a slimmer more youthful version of our self without having to lose weight or use drastic measures. It’s right at our fingertips and I believe this knowledge should be available to everyone as it can instantly change how you feel about yourself.

WE ALL struggle with insecurities and of course how we feel inside is just as important as how we look on the outside and this will be reflected in all areas of our lives through dating and attracting the right person, to everyday confidence, friendships and work but what I’ve found is by feeling good in how we present ourselves on the outer side via our hair, make-up and now clothing is more often than not the confidence we need to go and attract the life we want!

I have always been a confident girl from working in large corporations to setting up my own businesses but like so many women my self-esteem was always mirrored by the size of my jeans but since my training with Nisha and doing a massive de-clutter and creating my own capsule wardrobe I no longer look at the size I’m wearing, I’m just dressing in clothes that show off my assets and choosing colours that enhance my natural beauty and this is the knowledge I’m so effortlessly passing on to my clients, whether she is a bride to be, a girl looking to start dating or the mum looking to get her mojo back I’m so excited to pass on the knowledge! Nisha was absolutely right I REALLY WAS MY FIRST CLIENT!

Paisley x

Becky, Case study from Personal Stylist Training Academy UK

Essential Training delegate: Becky Barnes, 45, Bristol, former HR Consultant now full time Personal Stylist.

Less than a year ago I was sitting in a huge office block wishing I had a job I loved. I’d worked my way up the corporate ladder and although very successful in my career, I was miserable, really miserable. My job just didn’t do it for me anymore and I felt so envious of friends who loved theirs. But what could I do? I’d worked in large corporates for the best part of 20 years. I had dedicated myself to my career my entire working life. I had worked hard to gain professional qualifications and earn credibility amongst my peer group so could I really just turn my back on it all and try something completely different? Absolutely I could!

The day I handed in my notice was the most liberating day of my life. I felt so free and light and bursting with excitement at the prospect of a fresh start. The part I did love about my old job was coaching and developing women to be more than they ever felt possible. I felt so happy when I witnessed women become empowered and suddenly realise their true potential. That’s why personal styling was a no brainer (well, that and my lifelong love of clothes, shoes and all things fashion!). Styling was a job that allowed me to combine helping women grow and be the best versions of themselves with one of my favourite subject matters.

I’ll admit that the Style ME Academy was not my first port of call when it came to re-training. I actually trained with another individual within the industry. But, I felt I had some critical knowledge gaps which included colour analysis and capsule wardrobes so I sought further training and thankfully found Nisha. Nisha trained me on Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Styling and Colour Analysis over a weekend and it all came together.

The Style ME training was the cherry on the cake for me. It not only filled the gaps in my expertise but also took me on a style journey of my very own as Nisha gently helped refine my look and boost my self confidence. I realised that over the years (and after 4 children) my style was totally confused and my self esteem at an all time low. A personal shopping trip with Nisha and all this was a thing of the past!

Fast forward to now and I can’t wipe the grin off my face. I have a beautiful ‘Style Studio’ in which I work with clients either as individuals or in groups and I have a growing list of women who want to work with me. I’ve also had a number of articles published in magazines and I’m soon presenting at Bristol Fashion Week. I’m also collaborating with some amazing business women including Box Polish who have asked me to design a brand new shade of nail varnish and Truly Nourished with whom I will be running a ‘Look good, feel good’ course in the near future. This and so many more exciting opportunities are happening to me right now that I just can’t believe my luck.

It’s mind blowing to think how different my life has become in such a short space of time and I’m so glad I took the plunge. If you’re thinking of doing something similar, just do it. I promise you won’t look back.

Love Becky x

Becky’s Video

Lucy Eastman, Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Lucy Eastment, 34, mum and former PA now part-time Stylist.

After maternity leave I returned to work as a part-time PA and realised it really wasn’t what I wanted to do. If I was going to be apart from my two children for work I wanted to be doing something that I enjoyed and felt passionate about not stuck in an office working for someone else. Colleagues always asked about my style and where I bought items from and friends are constantly raiding my wardrobe so Personal Styling seemed an obvious career change for me.

I researched lots of different courses and after speaking to Nisha I decided that the intensive course with Style ME would suit me best. It covered everything I needed to learn in one week to become a Personal Stylist. I was dreading being away from my family for that long but doing the course in one week was easier for childcare and was more cost efficient than making several trips to London to study.

When I arrived I immediately felt at ease as the course took place in a stylish, relaxed setting rather than a stuffy conference centre and there were only two other delegates on the training so it was fairly informal and felt more personal. It was hard work as being off on maternity leave I hadn’t needed to concentrate for so long and I hadn’t needed to absorb so much information since college!

Each day was intense and there was a lot to take in so I was glad that I had opted to do the course in a week and it suited me that I was away from home so I could focus and digest everything in the evenings. I was so excited and buzzing from what I had learnt every day and I really enjoyed the challenges that Nisha set. I had a photo-shoot on day 4 which I really didn’t enjoy at the time abut actually I was really pleased with the pictures and it has been so useful to have professional photos for marketing. It isn’t something that I would have done myself so I am glad it was part of the course as it pushed me out of my comfort zone!

The last day was client day. Despite Nisha’s confidence in the training, I would never have thought at the start of the week I would be able to pull off a colour analysis session, wardrobe consultation and personal shop on a real client who I had never met after just a few days training said. Nisha confidently said “no delegate has ever failed me at the task” but I have to admit I was scared I’d be the first!

On the morning I was nervous but excited. My client Sabrina was lovely and I really enjoyed spending time helping her and effortlessly passing on my knowledge. When she tried on the clothes I had selected for her I couldn’t believe the transformation. She looked amazing in the clothes and to see her confidence bloom in front of me was such a buzz. She was so happy with the clothes that she bought nearly every item! I was so glad that I had met her brief and she was so pleased with my work. It was so rewarding and great to end the course on such a high!

Nisha’s advice to me as part of the business planning was to practice on friends and family for a few months first. I’m glad I took that advice as juggling family life I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to focus on my new career straight away. I took my time initially to build up my confidence and worked on social media so I had an Instagram page, Facebook page and website for when I was ready to launch.

Three months on I’m now working as a (paid) Personal Stylist and I absolutely love it! I never would have thought that I would be able to earn money from doing something that I love and comes so natural to me. Most of my clients are mums themselves so I can really relate to how they feel and love being able to boost their confidence and make them feel like themselves again. It is such a rewarding job and it’s a perfect career for me to do part-time. I can fit appointments around my childcare and have the option of working from home so it really suits my lifestyle. I’m so glad I took the plunge to leave my office job and become a Personal Stylist I couldn’t be happier!

Lucy Eastment X

Lucy’s Video


Intensive Training delegate: Julie Nairn, 49, former Property Advisor now full-time Personal Stylist.

Hello, I’m Julie, aged 49 and from Aberdeen in Scotland. Just about to turn 50 I was ‘taking stock’ of my life, as apparently people tend to do “when they get to my age”. I have made it to the half-century milestone, I have enjoyed life, I have achieved a good career and my biggest blessing of all is my two great kids, who were now rapidly turning into young adults. I am actually looking forward to being 50 and beyond. I think they call it the new “ageless attitude”. I am at a bit of a crossroads in life and change in many areas of it are afoot, there are challenges to overcome, but I want to make the most of my future and make the most of myself, and enjoy life, enjoy working, enjoy fun things, and enjoy being around people.

I first heard about Style ME via The Personal Shopper course, which I read about on the Internet. I really liked the all round services offering style, wardrobe and colour as well as shopping, because they all link together. I could see how I could have a fun, interesting and rewarding add on to my business, helping people in their lives in all sorts of ways so…As a result a couple of months later I found myself travelling to London to embrace the full “Style ME” experience.

I hadn’t really thought of it as something I would necessary benefit from for myself but more of a business development project with a focus on others. Of course it was all about helping others and how changes on the outside can enhance each individual, boost their self confidence, self esteem and let their ‘inner sparkle shine though’, however it was sooo much more about ‘me’ than I could have ever imagined!

In just a few short days I had gone though I complete style transformation. Sometimes I had been dressing for my shape and skin tone, but very often I was dressing in colours and styles, which made me, look tired, paler and so much older. I also discovered I had a tendency to hide behind patterns. I found the whole course fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable but not without its challenges. I was constantly facing my own personal self-esteem issues and beliefs about myself that had been built up over the years but were pushed under the surface, which I hadn’t expected. The photo shoot in particular!

On the morning of the shoot I was pretty much dreading the day. I thought there was no way they could make me look pretty or produce photos, which would look good. However, with a lot of brilliant support and genuine friendliness from the people there I managed to smile at the camera. When they showed me the photos I was expecting the worst, but I was astonished. I was wearing things from my own wardrobe which using my newfound style knowledge I knew suited me. My hair was styled, but not cut or coloured and make up lightly done, as I prefer. They hadn’t been photo shopped. So the women on the screen were definitely me! I hadn’t been ‘restyled’ or made into something I wasn’t, but I looked confident, relaxed, my personality seemed to come across. I could say I did see myself probably first time ever as an adult, as ‘beautiful’.

My training had turned into much more – a definite personal journey. I was returning home full of enthusiasm for a new branch to my business and as a new more empowered, self-confident version of me.

Before I left London Nisha and I worked on my business plan and now I have tangible ways to build my client base, exploring new and creative ways to grow my styling business including creating my own blog site., aimed at clients in there forties and fifties. Having seen and experienced first hand the benefits of being styled I can effortlessly style my clients and have a greater understanding and appreciation of style issues they may have. With my new found Style ME knowledge we can create solutions which can give their confidence a boost, help them look younger and slimmer in styles appropriate to their body shape and watch their complexion glow when they are wearing appropriate colours for their skin tone.

As far as my personal style I have been getting lots of great positive comments from friends and colleagues. “Wow, Julie you look great” “you’re looking lovely today”. Hearing these comments regularly for the first time in 50 years is simply making me feel amazing.
Julie Nairn X

Jenny Donaldson, Stylist

Intensive Training Delegate: Jenny Donaldson, 52, retired police woman now Personal Stylist and actress!

My mother was a seamstress in Guyana before coming to the UK and in order to save money she made all of my clothes. Looking back I’m sure she only had one pattern as all my sewn dresses had a sash and the crocheted ones had a yoke neckline. Oh! How I yearned to wear something fashionable,

At the age of 19 I became a police officer and was destined to wear a uniform or dowdy plain clothes for the next 30 plus years.

My true journey began after the birth of my first son, I was lucky enough to lose all my baby weight but I soon realised that something was not right. To cut a very long story short I was diagnosed with a condition called Sarcoidosis. At the point of my diagnosis I also contracted Pneumonia, which resulted, with my lungs being damaged. I was placed on a large dose of Steroids and in a short pace of time my weight ballooned to over 13 1/2 stones. Coming to terms with my condition and not recognising myself in the mirror was very depressing. Thankfully I found a book that gave me basic tips on how to dress to one self appear slimmer. I was hooked! I began to dress for the shape I was at that time and stopped wearing tents. Gradually my self-confidence grew enough for me to actively lose weight in a space of a year. I am still on Steroids but I manage my food and exercise.

October 2015 I retired from the Police Service after 32 years. It was then I decided to fulfill my dreams to become a Personal Stylist at the young age of 52!

I honestly thought that I knew about how to dress for one body type until I went on the Style ME 1 week Intensive Training course. I soon realised that I only knew the basics. I want to thank Nisha for not only teaching me the knowledge on how to dress others but also how to dress myself to perfection! As a result of my training I have saved myself both time and money and I now no longer have the urge to spend hours shopping for clothes.

I spent my first career helping people now I can continue to help people whilst indulging my passions in a far more glamorous way! It’s a wonderful feeling showing men and women how to look their absolute best. This is the perfect career for a woman of my age and life experience, I get to meet so many wonderful people and my goal is to be an inspiration to other women and men my age that are beginning to let themselves go! 50 really is the new 30 and I’m living proof of it! I recently starred in a Special K advert and that was a really special moment that showed me just how far I’ve come!

Thank you Style ME for helping me embark on my new journey!

Jenny D X

Jenny’s inspirational Special K Advert

Judi Lockard Stylist

Intensive Training delegate: Judi Lockard, 46, full time Personal Stylist.

If I think back to one year ago, it’s incredible how my life has changed. I had a very successful career in the Arts. My career spanned over 25 years, encompassing TV, Theatre, Catwalk, Dance and Fashion. On my travels far and wide I gained much experience working with people from varied backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. I loved my job but I always knew I wanted to be a mum.

The next 12 years was spent bringing up my four gorgeous children and although I tried a few of my own start up businesses I found it impossible to really develop them with such young people to look after. However, my youngest is now 8 years old and I found myself getting agitated, as I was desperate to find something to both challenge and satisfy me. With my background in the Arts and surrounded by people in fashion, I have always been passionate about style and have always enjoyed looking at trends and trying to find my own style. I am very much a ‘people’s person’ and I thoroughly enjoy meeting people with diverse lifestyles, needs and personalities.

With this in mind, I always wondered what it would be like to be a ‘Personal Stylist’. Of course my first thought was, I’m too old to start a career as a stylist. However, I began to look around for courses and Style ME Training Academy popped up. I was hugely encouraged to read that they train stylists of all ages and I started reading their testimonials. I was very nervous when I called them to chat about the different options but after 30 minutes I was totally convinced this is what I should be doing. I decided to sign up to the Intensive Training course, which covered Colour Analysis, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Styling & Men’s Styling.

I remember turning up on the first day of training & meeting the lovely Nisha & Mary Ann who run the Academy. I was dressed in black skinny jeans and a black top with a black leather jacket and a scarf thinking I looked pretty good. However, I was in for a big surprise. With Nisha & Mary Ann’s professional guidance I realised I had no idea about the power of Colour Analysis. I couldn’t believe how I instantly looked younger and more alive in the autumn colours than in black. We then moved on to Body Shape & Wardrobe Styling. Through all my years of modeling I never knew that I was in fact an: ‘Inverted Triangle’ and that I was not always choosing clothes that flattered me. At the end of the course, I felt knowledgeable, excited and passionate about making a career of being a Personal Stylist.

Nisha and Mary Ann were extremely encouraging and even now they are always here to mentor me. I love my new career, it fits around my family, I get to style so many people from different walks of life. I recently styled my first celebrity! More importantly though I now have the knowledge, expertise and passion to teach my clients how to embrace who they truly are. I honestly believe that dressing your body shape and wearing your colours is crucial to making anyone look younger and slimmer going forward; which ultimately is what all my clients want. This is very much a ’personal service’ and all I promise my clients is that our fun styling sessions together will leave them feeling younger, happier and more confident about their choices going forward.

Danielle Chaker Personal Stylist Case Study

Essential Training delegate: Danielle Chaker, 44, Teacher, Personal Stylist and Confidence Coach.

Hi I’m Danielle, a Personal Stylist and Confidence Coach. I’m passionate about helping women to feel radiant,self- assured and comfortable in their own skin. I recently trained with Style ME Academy in Colour Analysis and Personal Styling, and thanks to the thorough and professional training, and on- going support, by businessis going from strength to strength.

The journey began for me when I started to feel trapped and unfulfilled in my job as a fulltime Fashion Teacher. I began wanting more from life and wanting to do something that I felt deeply passionate about. I had always wanted to help people whilst utilising my skills in Design and Life Coaching.

My work now is a unique blend of Fashion expertise and Life Coaching experience creating empowerment for women who want to feel good on the inside and out. Personal Styling has added a new dimension, giving me a fantastic opportunity to combine my skills and talents in empowering clients from the inside out, allowing them to feel confident on the inside and look fabulous on the outside. I recently styled the presenters from Radio Devon, and have been asked to give seminars on ‘How to dress for your body shape’, and ‘The importance of wearing the right colours’. I am working in collaboration with Devon Fit Camp to help women who have recently lost weight to dress for their new shape.

I have always been fascinated by people and what makes them tick, and I whole heartedly believe that every person has the potential to feel happy, confident and comfortable in their own skin; no matter what their starting point.I believe, as this wonderful quote from one of my favourite fashion designers suggests, there is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows her own mind, understands style, and is simply comfortable being herself.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

In my opinion the biggest fashion mistake anyone can make is trying to look like someone else, and the most attractive thing you can ever wear is confidence and empathy.

I know that whatever life has thrown at you, you have the potential to recreate your own version of you. Your story can be rewritten, at any time, and you have the power to say how the story ends. The pen is, and always has been, in your hand.

I have an intuitive understanding of my clients as I too have been on the journey of transformation and change, from the caterpillar to the butterfly, confident and ready to fly.

At 46, I felt it was time to make the break, take the leap, and live the life I had imagined, and I have to say, I haven’t looked back. They say that if you do what you love, you never do a days’ work in your life, and it’s true! I now wake up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. Every day brings about something new, and it gives me such pleasure to know I am making a difference to the lives of my clients. My income has also doubled, which just shows what you can achieve when you believe in you self. It feels incredible to be doing the thing I love, sometimes I can’t quite believe it!

If you would like some help in becoming your best version of you, have a look at my signature Transformational Coaching Package which combines Confidence Coaching with Personal Styling.

Come fly with me, and be your best you!

Danielle x

Elena Personal Stylist Case Study

Essential Training delegate: Elena Carter, 39, Boutique owner and Personal Stylist.

Hi, I’m Elena, the founder of the online female clothing and accessories shop which is called Evelyn’s Boutique.

I have always been fascinated by the fashion industry. At the same time, I’d always wanted to become an entrepreneur, and to be more particular – to have my own clothing shop. But it has never been the right time…. until recently….

My story begins back in Russia where I grew up and lived till my late 20es. I graduated from one of the Russian Universities with PhD degree in Linguistics, following by moving into the UK, and later on obtaining another degree in Management from Durham University, MA this time. Meanwhile I had my first child Alexander, worked for a local Government Company for a few years, then my daughter Evelyn came into this world.

When I returned from maternity leave, I started feeling a little unfulfilled; I looked to fill the void. Thinking about my love of fashion, and my eye for spotting the latest trends, I decided to go ahead with my long term ambition to have a fashion shop. Not being born as an entrepreneur (I obviously loved my studies!), it took me some time to discover what having your own business would be. I also knew I was about to start something which is close to my heart, and that I would love working on every day.

Personal styling appeared to me unexpectedly, out of blue I would say. I spotted an advertisement for a course in personal styling including wardrobe analysis and personal shopping with Style Me. I instantly decided to go for it. A few weeks later I was doing a colour analysis course, and I never looked back. ‘’What a great addition to our main line of trade it could be, when an additional service as Personal Stylist is being advertised/offered on our website’’ – I thought! And then there was a photo shoot, yet another great venture organised by STYLE ME I will never forget. On the way to the studio I sort of lost my whereabouts and was going to ask someone for the directions. Guess what? The first person I stopped on the street turned out to be a girl who works there! ‘’Hello’’, she said, ‘I am Natasha, and I work for the Face of London, please follow me’’. Some people would say it’s a coincidence, but I take it as sign that I am on the right way.

Coming back to the essence of why I am doing it, I can only add: Evelyn’s boutique is not just a clothing e-shop. It’s a ‘hub’ for local women, with fashion show venues, style events, personal shopping and special occasion evenings etc. We are here to provide professional personalised service to our women, so they feel that the shop is buying for them, while I am as a personal stylist, advise them to look their best.

My journey has not been straightforward or easy. There were a lot of ‘pros and cons’, and ‘what’s if?’ I do not what to sound cliché, but with the help of the family, professional advisors and friends I have made it.

I love working with something I’m truly passionate about and I really look forward to see what a difference we can make for so many women by helping them to get dressed for success. So far, so good!

Evelyn’s Boutique doors are open. You are welcome!
See you soon.

Elena X

Marilyn Payne

Intensive Training delegate: Marilyn Payne, 50, Teacher and part-time Personal Stylist

A few years ago I was reeling from a double bereavement – redundancy from my dream job, followed shortly thereafter by the death of a close family member. As the months wore on, and the reality of my situation began to sink in, I decided it was time to do something for me, and for me alone. Something to lift my mood and make me feel special for a while. I decided to ‘have my colours done’.

The time spent with my personal stylist led me on a journey of self discovery. I learned which colours suited me best and which ones to avoid. I began to wear styles which suited my body shape better. Shopping became much more time efficient. After all, if black didn’t suit me there wasn’t any point in combing through endless racks of black and grey! My levels of self-esteem and confidence soared. Friends began to notice that there was something ‘different’ about me, although they couldn’t quite put their finger on what it was.

My new, part time, job meant that although my bills were being paid, (for which I was very grateful), I felt that there must be something else I could do to enrich my life, and generate extra income at the same time. I had four main criteria: it had to be something which would fit in with the requirements of my ‘day job’; it had to be something which I could continue developing into retirement; it had to be something which would benefit other people and, most importantly, it had to be something that I really enjoyed doing.

And so it was, that with the support of family and friends I began to look for a training course which would equip me to become a personal stylist. Living on an island is wonderful, but it has its logistical drawbacks – a major one being the cost of travel to the UK. I had to find a course that would deliver everything I needed in one week – identifying body shapes, wardrobe styling, colour analysis and personal shopping.

After doing a great deal of research online I discovered that the Style Me Training Academy offered just such a course, and that it offered exceptional value for money when compared some of the other training courses that were available and took longer to complete.

As the start date of my training approached, I became increasingly apprehensive. Would the training live up to expectations? Who else would be on the course? Would I last the distance? Perfectly natural concerns of course – they meant that I was taking this next step in my professional life very seriously.

I was prepared to be challenged and to be pushed out of my comfort zone – and I was. However the training was paced at such a level that there were plenty of opportunities for me to revisit my learning, ask questions, and be reassured that I was on the right path.

The training venue was extremely comfortable and informal; perfect for the low number of trainees for which the course is designed. Nisha and Mary Ann were at pains to ensure that we felt relaxed enough to ask questions as we went along, and their style of delivery allowed for certain elements of training to be tailored more personally to the needs of those taking part. Discussion and input from trainees was encouraged, and much of the training was practical and very ‘hands on’.

By the time I came to meet my ‘client’, I was well equipped to identify correctly her body shape, to demonstrate which colours looked exceptional on her, and to help her put together a capsule wardrobe which reflected her lifestyle and respected her budget. The result was a satisfied client who left with a spring in her step, and a newly qualified personal stylist who couldn’t quite believe how incredible she had made her client look and feel.

So what happens now? I want to share my passion for timeless style and elegance with clients. I want them to understand how wearing the right colours can make them look well, make them look younger, and hopefully avoid any desire for surgical intervention. I want them to be able to maximise what is in their wardrobe so that everything can be used stylishly and effectively to enhance their own body shape. And if, at the end of that process, they feel anything like I did when I completed my personal styling experience, I will know it’s been a job well done.

Love Marilyn x

Emily Stott

Essential Training delegate: Emily Stott, 41, Personal Stylist and Author.

I have always been fascinated by clothes.

From dressing up in my mum’s shoes and hats as a small child to creating costumes for the characters I played as an actress to choosing the perfect outfit for a first date or an interview – the way you look affects how you are perceived and more importantly how you feel about yourself, and that as we all know, is a crucial ingredient for confidence and self-esteem.

Like any woman, I had periods of my life where I was unhappy with my shape and my size and I dealt with it by covering myself up in huge unflattering clothes. It was with a lot of (largely disastrous) experimentation in my twenties, that I discovered how clothes could streamline, disguise and highlight in a variety of ways; the possibilities were endless!

Once I became a mum the realisation that co-ordinating work, school and childcare was tricky and not conducive to a regular 9-5 job, led me to think about what I might do that would not only fit in with my small son but also incorporate my passion for clothes and shopping. As luck would have it (and just as I was about to turn 40 and feeling particularly down in the dumps about it) I spotted an advert for a course in colour analysis. And that was how I met Nisha and Maryann and was introduced to the wonderful world of Style ME!

Learning how colour can transform a wardrobe and how for my own fair colouring, black is possibly the least flattering shade I could wear, was invaluable. I decided to complete my skill set and take the styling and personal shopping courses at Style Me too. I haven’t looked back.

I love what I do – where some might see an overstuffed mess of a wardrobe, too many clothes and nothing to wear, I see a challenge and a chance to refine and create a whole new silhouette – give me a bin bag and I will fill it! We all have clothes we hold onto for the wrong reasons (“I’ll slim into it”, “It’ll be useful for doing the decorating in”, “it reminds me of that lovely holiday”) and lots of us buy the same items over and over because we feel safe in it, no matter that it no longer suits our life style or shape. I had so many little black dresses I lost count and yet as a new mum I rarely had a chance to wear them. Once I saw the many other colours that actually brightened my face rather than making it look older, I vowed never to buy the wrong thing again, and to make it my mission to spread the Style Me word, because it really does make a difference, not to mention saving you money in the long run.

Being a personal shopper and stylist is a conversation starter in the playground and it’s something that is absolutely flexible meaning juggling work (if you can call it that) and time with my family is so much easier. I was approached to write a book about the high street based on my experiences and it is due for publication in June next year.

What you put on in the morning will speak volumes about you. Discover what works for you and be the loveliest possible you every day.

Love Emily xx

Watch Emily’s Video

Anna Bennett

Intensive Training delegate: Anna Bennett, 36, Finance Manager and part-time Personal Stylist

I love being a personal stylist!! I love the variety of people I meet and challenges in my styling work. It’s a fabulous “job” and I can’t wait until it’s my full time vocation.

Five years ago I found myself in a complete style rut. I had totally lost interest in my personal style and as a result my confidence was very low. I knew I needed help so I decided to get my colours done and ended up on a personal shopping trip with Nisha who reignited my passion for clothes and style. I had always had a natural flair for putting outfits together and Nisha helped me find this again. I could now dress my Autumn Hourglass shape with confidence and show my true personality through my style.

I was completely enlightened and I wanted to be able to offer the same experience to others. When the StyleME Academy launched the intensive week training course promising to teach everything you need to know to become a personal stylist I jumped at the opportunity. This was the perfect way for me to gain the skills I needed in a short time with little impact on my high pressure career in Financial Services. At the end of the week I left the with all the tools needed ready to embark on my new career. I have never looked back! I’m now combining styling work with my day job – and the two are surprisingly complimentary.

Clients come to me from all walks of life with many different reasons for contacting me but after many years of working in corporate environments with high flying professionals I am attracting many corporate clients who have the disposable income but no time to shop or focus on their personal style. I can completely empathise with their situation and by showing them their best colour palette and understand why their current wardrobe is not working for then I help them create a capsule wardrobe and how to show the how to shop effectively for their body shape, lifestyle and personality. No more morning panics about what to wear!! Clients leave me inspired and with a renewed self-confidence.

Love Anna x