Sit back and imagine a brand new career on just 5 days. You turn up on the Monday to a training course without any background in what you are about to learn, but by Friday you are an expert who can command lots of money for your services. Sound interesting? We think so, and we’re delighted in what we’ve achieved to bring you this…our brand new intensive personal styling course.

Since 2011 we’ve been offering one or two day courses aimed at giving busy people the opportunity to get trained on what we do quickly and effectively and this is what has set us apart from our competitors who like to (I’m sorry to say) inflate courses with information that is quite simply not necessary to a working Personal Stylist.
So it came as a bit of surprise when we had enquiries asking if we could put all our courses together and do them in one hit …we had forgotten there are people who are happy to take time off work, women serious about changing their careers, and our international delegates visiting London that want invest quality time and money into getting started as a Personal Stylist.

We want you to make the right choice when it comes to finding the right training for you so to learn more why not visit our website and read up on who we are and see testimonials from past delegates who are all working stylists!