Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Roll back 17 years ago I did my colour analysis training with the now out of business, but then reputable Aston and Hayes Academy. The training was great, but it cost £3500 and took 1 full week, which ate into my precious 28-day holiday allowance. Was my training good? Yes. Did it need to take a week? 100% No! I honestly believe to justify the £3500 price tag the academy filled up the course with a lot of fluff. How to tie a silk scarf and how to use a colour wheel for example simply was not necessary out there in the real world, with real clients.

To be honest, I left my training fascinated with the concept of colour analysis but felt overwhelmed with all the notes I had been given, so much so that I let my purchased drapes get covered with dust before I actually took the plunge to offer Colour Analysis to my growing database of clients.

17 years later, 1000+ colour analysis sessions to date, I’m so glad I did because colour analysis is the hook and the foundation of my success. I simply don’t believe you can style someone effectively without having done their colours (properly)! What I realized was the theory and the right language to use is essential and needs to be taught but the confidence of doing a Colour Analysis session only comes with practice.

This is why my Train to be a Colour Analyst course, covers the theory in 1 day and the rest of it is followed up with ongoing feedback. I expect my delegates to practice for a good month or so (without charging) on their friends and family and send me photos of all their sessions going forward and letting me know what season they thought their client was and why. I genuinely believe this ongoing feedback is crucial as it trains their eyes to see as I, an experienced colour analyst sees, that they might not have noticed themselves.

The best part of this ongoing feedback is that there’s no expiry date. My delegates can contact me for as long as they need me, it’s included in my (uninflated) training price.

Colour Analysis is back on trend, if you are thinking of adding it to your business, you won’t regret it, but don’t be fooled with long courses to justify an expensive price tag!

Nisha x