Style ME Training
Style ME Training

In the past week, I’ve had 3 bookings from makeup artists wanting to add Colour Analysis to their services, it makes perfect sense; makeup and colours go hand in hand. But there are other wins too:

Value Added Service
Colour Analysis is back on trend, it’s all-over social media and us Colour Analysts are in demand. What’s also apparent is there are a lot of Makeup Artists out there, and competition is high. By adding a mini colour analysis session free of charge or at a discounted rate prior to the makeup session gives you that edge.

Saves Time
By doing your make-up clients ‘colours’ prior to a make-up trial for a wedding or an event will save you so much time because you would have already worked out their most flattering colours vs. wasting time putting on a look, then removing it, then reapplying.

Saves Money
Let’s face it, make up isn’t cheap, which means trials and errors eat into your profit. By doing your clients colours, you’ll know the exact foundation to use, the right shade of red lipstick and the right nude palette without even opening your make up box!

But why not double your income by adding the 2 other key personal styling services Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping to your business? In my opinion you’d be a fool to not include them. Let’s face it a good makeup artist, like a good hairdresser is someone you instantly trust, she’s made the best out of your features, and has made you look younger and more radiant with her magic hand. If she trusts you with her face, trust me she will trust you with her personal style too. On average Style ME Stylists charge £500 for a package that includes Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping. My advice would be to hook the clients in via their make-up and then as a natural upsell or add on, style them too. The benefits are:

You’ll work all year round, not just during wedding and party seasons.

Remember there’s always a mother of the bride, sister, bridesmaid hanging around, who might not need her make up done but who would love to be styled for the event.

You’ll help your clients create an overall transformation; you’ll shop with her to buy her clothes as well as her make-up. You’ll be the best investment she’ll ever make for herself and once that trust has been built, she’ll always come back to you and recommend you to others.

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Nisha x