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Style ME Training

When I trained to be a Personal Stylist all those years ago, trust me there were not many Academies to choose from, and believe it or not I chose the most expensive Academy to train with, naively presuming that they must be the best, hence the price point (how wrong I was!)

Roll forward 17 years, and I empathise with people who must be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of so-called training academies out there, claiming to train you to have a successful career as a Personal Stylist. I hate to say it, but there are a lot of charlatans emerging, maybe charlatan is too strong a word, but you get my drift, people that don’t really have the full skillset or experience to train budding and excited Personal Stylists.

How do I know this? Because at least 30% of my delegates have previously trained elsewhere and have then come looking for me because their previous training was inadequate (even from Academies that offer Diplomas!), and they’re so upset they’ve wasted their money. So, for that reason, I decided to become CPD Accredited to show potential delegates, looking for a training academy, that Style ME Training is the real deal!

What does it mean to be Accredited?
It means Style ME Training, all the courses offered, and more importantly me as your Trainer, have been tested and evaluated by an outside specialist committee and they have agreed that Style ME Training have met the highest standards in the Personal Styling Training Industry.

To secure this recognition as an approved and accredited CPD provider, I have successfully completed a rigorous assessment process; interviews, detailed scrutiny of all the course content, including my pricing structure and my terms and conditions. This is all to assure potential delegates, they can trust their training will be of the highest standard.

This accreditation distinguishes Style ME Training as being a leading Training Academy in the industry so delegates can be confident that they are accessing high-quality, innovative, current, and informative content and this knowledge acquisition will equip them with the applicable skillset to immediately start working in the Personal Styling industry.

Delegates are also issued a formal CPD Accredited certificate upon completion of their training, assuring them and their future clients, that they have been taught their Personal Styling skills from the best in the industry.

Get in touch if you want advice on which is the right Accredited course option for you!

Nisha x