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Style ME Training

Correct me if I’m wrong but reaching 50 used to mark the beginning of old age, or at least that’s how my mum perceived it as she approached her 50th birthday (15 years ago). But she needn’t have been depressed because her 50’s in reflection were probably her best years yet. Why? Because by the time a woman reaches her 50’s she finally knows who she is! What she has accomplished, whether it’s raising a family, or raising a career, maintaining a long marriage, getting divorced or caring for elderly parents, allows her to accept that she is a survivor and has the confidence to know that she can rise to the challenge and meet it.

For the first time in her life she probably has space and time for herself, what with the children getting on with their own lives and that short window before the grandchildren arrive. Not only that, but this is the period where hopefully the financial freedom kicks in. I style 100’s of women but I have the most fun with the 50 something’s simply because they are comfortable in their own skin. They’ve accepted that wrinkles, softer muscle tone and some extra weight may come with package but unlike their mothers who may have done nothing about it, these women don’t want their age to defy them. Instead they really start to look after themselves; better skin care, yoga and gym sessions to say the least. With 50 something role models such as Elizabeth Hurley, Julianne Moore, Brooke Shields, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker, that look younger than most 30’s year olds, who could blame them or rather who should stop them?

These clients love getting their ‘colours’ done because they can instantly see the impact of what wearing the correct palette of colours has on their skin; dark circles and wrinkles diminish, bone structure becomes more defined leaving them with a more radiant, youthful complexion, what’s not to love? Then during their wardrobe styling session where we establish the right style of clothing to suit their (maybe changing) body shape they are usually hooked and can’t wait to hit the shops. Now’s the time to buy them some flattering pieces to bring out the more youthful, slimmer version of themselves and what’s so refreshing to see with this age group is that they love to spend and have zero guilt in doing so!

This is also the age when many woman start to question what do they want to do with the rest of their lives, do they stay in a marriage that’s not working? Do they take redundancy? Do they change their careers? In the past 6 months I’ve had the pleasure to train at least 4 women who are 50 something to become personal stylists who were probably more motivated and driven to succeed than my younger delegates! One of the main skill sets of a personal stylist is to have great empathy for her clients and I think it’s safe to say most woman over 50 have seen and experienced a hell of a lot so can offer that much needed compassion and inspiration to men and women in their peer group.

Getting to know these delegates and learning about their journeys during the training has been a real inspiration for me and their on going success makes me super proud. All I say to them when we have our catch ups is that they have a bigger responsibility than they may think and that is to inspire and show others in their age group that life after 50 really does get better and better…