Style ME Training
Style ME Training

It’s funny, women who want to become Personal Stylists don’t think they need a style make-over. That would be silly, right? They’re the stylish ones, people should be coming to them to get styled. In fact, when I speak to potential delegates, 9 out of 10 times they say, it’s because people admire their style that they feel confident to pursue a career in Personal Styling.

So, you can imagine how their confidence can be broken a little, when during their training they realise they’ve been getting it wrong; wearing the wrong colours, and often dressing in styles that don’t flatter their body shape. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is ‘wrong’ with their styling but there is always room for improvement, and if they are going to be inspirational role models and expect to get paid for their services, there is no room for error.

Often, we all find a look that we think ‘suits’ us and we keep buying more of it. It could be a particular print like animal print or florals or a particular style of a dress. This was the case with my client Mahvish, a yummy mummy who’s used to getting compliments on the school run. She loves florals, autumnal colours, and midi dresses. She’s a beautiful girl so can pull off anything but during her own colour analysis and wardrobe styling session, I showed her how they were not her most flattering options.

When I showed her the styles and colours she should go for instead, she was amazed at how wrong she had been getting it! Don’t’ worry she got over it, when she realised it’s a great excuse to go shopping  She of course went shopping and by the time she had her photo shoot she was looking like a completely different woman, in her block Winter colours, showing off her enviable Hourglass frame in fitted dresses.

The best bit is she got to see first-hand, how Personal Styling a client actually works. And the exact emotions clients feel by getting a style make-over. I can teach you all the theory you need but nothing works better than practical experience and what could be better than having you as your first client?

Nisha x