Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Chances are if you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Stylist you have a good sense of style, you get complimented on your clothes and in your group, you’re seen as the ‘stylish one’ with an enviable wardrobe. You may even be wondering if training is even necessary, but then you remind yourself, yes you can style yourself well, but you do need guidance on how to dress women who have different body shapes and lifestyles to you.

I love the enthusiasm my delegates have when I first meet them. They arrive at the training looking stylish and confident, but as we get into the training and more importantly ‘how to dress the body shapes’ and ‘colour analysis’, these same delegates are forced to question their own style, and the trends and colours that they wear, and they soon realise they haven’t always been making the right choices.

As I always say, the mirror doesn’t lie and they can see for themselves just how much slimmer and younger they can look with the correct choices vs. what they own/like. Initially they feel deflated, thinking ‘well if I can’t dress myself right, how will I ever be able to style someone else?”

Luckily because my training is carried out as a one to one, I know how to read them, and I also know how and when to lift them back up. Their confidence returns when I teach them my unique formula on how to dress anybody no matter what their shape or size. The first person they try out this formula on is themselves and they can instantly see the amazing results.

In as little as 3 days, their personal style has been elevated, they leave me looking younger and slimmer, full of confidence, ready and eager to apply the formula on to their potential clients… whilst of course making a detour to the shops, to shop for themselves on the way home 

Nisha x