Style ME Training
Style ME Training

To become a Personal Stylist in my opinion there are 3 requisites: Firstly of course you have to love clothes and putting looks together (Styling), secondly you have to be good with people as it’s (Personal) but to become a successful Personal Stylist and by successful I mean being able to meet your financial goals there is another far more important requisite, a requisite where the clue isn’t in the title and that is you need to have the determination to succeed!

So many delegates arrive on the training full of optimism visualizing their new life post training shopping with clients, doing their colours and editing their wardrobe, then they start the training and even though they love the training and all their new found knowledge the panic sets in (usually towards the end of the training) as to how they are actually going to get the clients, not the clients to practice on (they have a queue of friends waiting for that – no one will turn down a freebee) but the paying kind!

If the delegate has opted to become a Style ME member I make it my business to make sure they succeed. We do their business plan to really hone in on who their target audience is, then brainstorm tangible ways to get their business and although I don’t actually get them clients they definitely leave me with a strategy to succeed.

The membership also includes ongoing mentoring so the delegate can call me anytime for some added motivation, to refresh their knowledge or sometimes even just for a catch up but what I’ve really noticed in these past couple of years is that the delegates who really do go and become a success are not necessarily the most stylish, or confident, or the ones who grasped the knowledge the quickest! The ones who succeed are the ones who are the most hungry and have that determination to succeed!

Running a business is not easy, you will have moments if not days where you’ll doubt yourself, your ability and your career choice but if you have the determination to succeed almost as if you have a gun to your head as if you’re life depends on it, you WILL make it, that much I can promise.

For so many of my delegates they come to me at a crossroads in their life, they’re excited about a career as Personal stylist, they’re good with people, they love clothes and their friends look at them as the stylish one in their group, they’re so grateful the inspiration to become a personal stylist has come to them, they see a ticket out of their existing lifestyle; be it being in the rat race or even being a frustrated stay at home mum and they so desperately want their life to change that they will do whatever it takes to succeed!

More often than not there is a deadline involved. Maybe it’s a husband granting them their wish but who also gives them a year’s deadline to make it as a stylist and if they don’t they have to get another job or maybe they’re moving to another country or town and they want to take their new business with them.. Whatever it is, it’s my job to see what the light at the end of the tunnel is for them and then to facilitate that dream for them. And for anyone who wants to become a Personal Stylist but feels they don’t have the confidence to become one just ask yourself how determined are you to succeed? What is the light at the end of the tunnel for you? Because at the end of the day it’s the determination that gets you to the light more than anything else!