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Style ME Training

Roll back 15 years ago through a crazy twist of fate I came to the realisation that a career in Personal Styling was the vocation I had been dreaming of. How had I not thought of it any sooner, I kept thinking? I loved fashion, I’m a ‘people’s person’ and I’m self motivated… determined not to waste any more time, I was raring to go and started to research the appropriate training. It didn’t take long however before I was totally overwhelmed, not only by the amount of courses that were out there but by the amount of money training for this ‘dream job’ was going to cost me.

I started phoning different Academies and what made matters even more confusing was the conflicting advice I was getting. Some academies thought Colour Analysis was totally irrelevant, with one specific academy calling it ‘Colour me Awful’ (instead of Colour me Beautiful)! Saying colour analysis is a totally dated process, stating if the colour of the season is mustard, then it’s the personal stylist’s job to make ‘mustard’ work for any of her client’s, regardless of their complexion… now I wasn’t too sure on this, as I personally knew I looked awful in mustard.

Then there were the academies that were so pro colour analysis that their websites and the people doing the training in my opinion were so matchy matchy that they did in fact make colour analysis look dated! Sure they might be wearing their most flattering colours but their styling definitely wasn’t so flattering.

It was a big dilemma for me and in the end with enough persuasion I was convinced colour analysis would only enhance my business and it was an investment that would soon pay off. I absolutely loved my colour analysis training; (seeing how the right colours could make you look younger and more radiant whilst the wrong colours could age you in an instant still manages to shock me even today), what I didn’t love was the amount of time I had to take off work as unpaid leave (I week!) and the amount of money it cost me (£3000!) It still makes me mad today that I spent that much. The only way I justified it was that relative to the other more conventional colour analysis training academies, £3000 was actually a bargain with some academies charging triple that amount and asking me to take nearly three weeks off work for my training!

Hindsight as they say is a wonderful thing, I wish I had known what I know today, in that; yes colour analysis is an incredible tool to not only build your personal styling business but is an essential skill to style your client to perfection and build him/her their most flattering Capsule Wardrobe BUT you just don’t need to spend thousands on your training! What you need is excellent training on the theory and then like any new skill it’s practicing, practicing and then practicing some more that makes you great or dare I say it perfect. You simply don’t need to sit in a stuffy room all week and watch the trainer do colour analysis on others, you need to do it yourself and practice on your friends and family as soon as possible.

This is what we pride ourselves on at Style ME Training, our train to be a Colour Analyst module takes only 1 day and covers all the theory you will ever need to become an excellent colour analyst and with ongoing mentoring by myself, I’m right by your side to help you when you start practicing on your nearest and dearest. With so many people wanting to become personal stylists and the competition rife you really can’t afford to exclude colour analysis from your services/business but you definitely don’t need to get a bank loan (as I did) to complete your training.

Style ME Training offer Colour Analysis training either as a:

• 1-day individual training module.
• Part of their 3 day Essential Training course.
• Part of the 5 day Intensive Training course.

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