Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Have you noticed that when things are meant to be, everything just flows? You no longer have to push the jammed door or struggle to find the right key; the door almost just opens up for you? This is exactly what happened to me once I made the decision to become a Personal Stylist, yes it took me a long time to get to that decision but once I decided personal styling was my calling everything fell into place, it’s almost as if the angels above we’re rejoicing saying: “finally, she’s listened to all the signs we’ve been placing in front of her!”

You see being a mathematician by profession I was always told I wasn’t a creative person so I always had a fear to express any creativity I had especially whilst I was working in the corporate world, I was always scared to raise my hand up with any creative ideas. So the fear I personally was facing once I made the decision to step into the world of personal styling is that I simply wouldn’t be creative enough. Fortunately for me I soon realized that personal styling is the perfect balance between science and art. There absolutely is a science to dressing someone effectively (which is the formula I teach at the Academy) and when you let yourself go and trust in your individuality all of us can be creative!

What I know for absolute certain is that when you’re following your passion creative ideas just keep on coming almost effortlessly, you haven’t got to brainstorm ideas, the just come to you whilst you’re out and about or even having a cup of tea for example. You’ll get your inspiration from anywhere and everywhere; the right people will walk into your life, you’ll see something on TV or you’ll read something in a magazine and because the pressure is off you’ll act on it! Take me for example, a girl who was petrified of public speaking is now running a successful personal styling training academy – it turns out it wasn’t presenting I had a fear of, I just needed to present the right subject matter and then presenting became a breeze!

The same is true for so many of my delegates, take Maggie D a successful Interior Designer by following her passion for colour and attending the Colour Analysis training she soon was not only colour blocking peoples bedrooms but was showing her interior designer clients how to colour block their clothes in their wardrobes and then it wasn’t before long she added personal styling to her resume – no pressure, no angst the requests just started coming in and her business grew…

So for anyone out there wanting to change their well established career path to become a personal stylist or anything else for that matter, just ask yourself does the thought of becoming a personal stylist give you butterflies? If it does then take it as a sign that’s it the right path for you and watch how your angels will not only open doors for you but happily skip along with you awakening your creativity!