Style ME Training
Style ME Training

We can honestly say, hand on heart, that you absolutely do not need to be a fashionista to be a great personal stylist.

If you have read some of our previous blogs, you will have found out that the key skills you need to be a great stylist is good people skills and the ability to be self-motivated to get the clients.

Nisha, Founder of Style ME, didn’t start her career as a Personal Stylist until her early thirties and she tells delegates that the reason it took her so long to make her career move was her fear of trends! It wasn’t selecting the right clothes or the styling clients that put her off, but just the notion that she’d have to know every single trend and fashion designer out there.

But we are here to let you know that after almost 10 years in the Personal Stylist industry, having not only styled hundreds of men and women AND teaching the skills to be a stylist, you do not need to be pouring over fashion magazines to be do this job.

You will naturally understand trends as soon as you start styling clients because it will be what is in store. Do you remember the peplum trend? You couldn’t go to any store without seeing a top or a dress with a peplum frill. Well as a Personal Stylist all you need to worry about is whether it will suit your client. Now you’re probably thinking, but how will I know if it will suit my client?!

Don’t worry as this is what we teach you when you train with us to become a Personal Stylist. We will cover trends as part of your training but only to help you understand which of the body shapes can wear them. We are one of the only Styling Academy’s that teach our delegates the science of styling, by that we mean we teach you that there are six body shapes for men and women and once you understand the way to balance the shapes you will know which trends are for which shapes and that’s what’s important.

This knowledge is essential as your client is going to not know what suits them and you will look like the expert when you can explain what the trend is going to do for them/go against them according to their body shape.
Take Anastasia for example, she came to us looking for a career in Personal Styling and told us she loved trends and had no problem embracing them all! The problem was, she knew deep down that she didn’t suit all of them so wanted to understand why they didn’t work and what she could do to stop buying clothes that would ultimately just be left in her wardrobe with the tags on. Anastasia was able to learn not only her own body shape, but also the shapes that would suit the items she didn’t feel good in.

So, for any women (or men) out there wishing to be a Personal Stylist and attend our training course but are hesitating thinking they aren’t living and breathing fashion enough… just trust us that it’s absolutely not a requisite to attend our training or even become a Personal Stylist.