Congratulations you’ve made it here! By here I mean you’ve made the decision to pursue a career as a Personal Stylist. I bet the journey hasn’t been easy, maybe you’ve been doubting yourself, the timing, the market… rest assured though you have made the right decision. A career as a Personal Stylist is so rewarding and providing you’re willing to put in the work you will make a success of it.

The real work starts now; choosing the right Academy to train with. You’ve probably started to research different academies and what they offer, maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choice? That’s a good place to start as it should give you the confidence that a lot of people are in your shoes wanting to train in this fantastic career.

I suggest getting a pen and paper and start asking yourself some key questions on what style of training you want and what type of stylist you want to be. Over the next few blogs, I’ll help guide you to the right academy for you.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself:

“Do I want to be of a Franchise or do I want to create my own brand?”

Franchises like Colour Me Beautiful and House of Colour have been around for years and they are considered to be traditional Image Consultancies, when I was researching my training, I found:


  • They are established recognisable brands with their own marketing tools.
  • Give the security of working under an umbrella.


  • Costs – extremely high!
  • Length of training – Long, factor in time off work, childcare etc.
  • Stuck to a postcode – That’s right, you can only style people that are within your allocated postcode!

Working under a franchise doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility, something I was craving all those years ago and still value more than anything today. I personally would only advise people to train and then work under a franchise today if they have no confidence at all to set up alone and for those willing to accept the heavy accompanying price tag. Note just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best.