Style ME Training
Style ME Training

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a Personal Stylist you’ve probably checked out your competition, as in who else in your area is offering Personal Styling services. If there are quite a few, you’ll either be happy to see people are actually doing for a living (who knew?) or you’ll be triggered thinking how are you possibly going to compete?

Well fear not, everyone has their own unique style and target audience, and trust me there are plenty of clients to go around. This is what the business planning session for, for us to work out how you are going to differentiate yourself in the market. What amazes me is that so many of my delegates don’t realise their own potential. They’re sitting on a skill that would complement Personal Styling perfectly.

Take my lovely Sarah, an ex Retailer who has a passion/hobby in making clothes. Our training was carried out as a one to one, that we actually did at her home, it was here that I saw some of her designs and could see what an asset those seamstress skills would be for anyone looking to book a Personal Stylist. Just imagine, instead of desperately looking for the perfect fitting dress in the shops, Sarah would be able to make her client one, in the perfect colour, fabric and style.

Do you have a particular skill or point of difference? Maybe you’re bi or tri lingual, don’t be shy to put that on your website or to let people know, you’ll be surprised how many foreign clients we get that would prefer to be spoken to in their mother tongue.

Or maybe you’re an expert on cosmetic procedures and or make up or hair, don’t be afraid to add these skills on to your websites, it doesn’t mean you’ll be doing the procedures or make up on them, it just means you’ve done enough research to know what your client will benefit from.

On the 5 day Intensive Training Course, when we do the busines planning session, I’ll be digging in deep to see what other skills you could be hiding!

Nisha x