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Style ME Training

May 17th happened! For many people that not only meant socialising indoors but going back to working in the office. I’m not at all surprised then, that we’ve had more enquiries on our training courses since that date. If you didn’t love your job whilst working from home this past year, going back to the office will no doubt fill you with even more dread. So, wouldn’t now be the right time to take that big first step and train in a new career? Maybe your dream career as a Personal Stylist?

“Wait, can I afford to?” Is probably your first question. Doing your research, you’ve probably realised courses to train to become a Personal Stylist aren’t cheap; but training is so necessary for your confidence and overall success. Luckily, we at Style ME Training offer a 3-month payment plan for our 3 Day Essential Training Course and our 5 Day Intensive Train to be a Personal Stylist course, which means the overall costs can be divided into 3 consecutive payments and the best part is we charge zero interest!

We offer this simply because we want to get you trained, practising and then earning from your new career as soon as possible, and we know from experience if you have to save up for the payment in full this is not only hard to do but keeps you stuck and deflated for longer than necessary.

We have full faith that if you’re serious about your new career, and you put in the work and all the practice that’s required, you can be earning within a couple of months and therefore will be able to pay back your training fees with your actual newly earned income, how good does that sound?

Now I guess all you need to decide is which course is right for you?