It’s been two years since COVID, and how our lives have changed; from how we work, to even how we shop and buy our clothes. Everyone it seems is now shopping online. It took a while for people to get a hang of it, ordering the wrong sizes, wrong styles, and colours but now its kind of become the norm.

Larger retailers have not suffered too much, they’ve just moved their resources online, but smaller independent stores have felt the pinch and are having to work harder to retain that customer loyalty. Wise retailers and store owners are now more than ever investing in their staff, giving them the training they need to build their skill set and knowledge, to ultimately bring in more business.

Take my lovely client Cassie for example, she’s worked in Retail for nearly 20 years and is on both the shop floor and in the buying team for a small boutique in Cornwall. I’ve been training her virtually on the 3-day Essential Train to be a Personal Stylist course and she can’t believe how much knowledge she has already learnt in just 1 day of training.

Understanding how to identify her customers body shapes and then select them styles that will both fit and flatter them to perfection is priceless knowledge that will guarantee to give her job satisfaction, retain customer loyalty, and bring in more sales for the business.

As a buyer, Cassie will now know which styles to invest in and what styles will probably just remain on the running rails as certain styles simply won’t suit her customer profile. Cassie has also learnt about client psychology and how to advise customers without offending them! So much knowledge in such a short period of time.

For any Retailer out there, who wants to add a value-added service, I would strongly suggest training your staff with the knowledge all good Personal Stylists are equipped with.


3 Day Essential Training Course