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I always smile when the well-established career girl comes to one of our training courses. By career girl you know who I mean: the Accountant, Lawyer, IT consultant, Marketing Manager or even the PA; it’s the woman who’s used to working long hours with no flexibility, craving to do a job she loves and dare I say it, express her creativity; helping women look and feel their best.


These women usually attend one of our 1-day courses with the mind-set of “what’s the harm? Let me try one course and see if it’s for me”. They juggle their diaries to take the day off work without telling anyone in the office their real plans. They generally start the training day with one foot in and one foot out but by the time we’ve got to the first coffee break, they’re hooked! Maybe it’s the course content or maybe they’re inspired by my personal journey. You see, I was once in their position, working for a large corporation dreaming of working for myself. When they can see that I took the leap of faith and I now love my job; a job that offers me flexibility, a work life balance and most importantly the financial security reward they start to imagine doing the same…


I always ask them after their lunch break, how they’re feeling? And I can see the shift; they have a spring in their step, they’re curious, they’re eager to find out about the next course dates. The 5 Intensive Training course although sounds amazing is often met with frustration, with their 25 days annual leave already accounted for they just can’t take the time off work, let alone make the specific monthly course dates. For that reason the 3 Day Essential Training Course is perfect for them as we run it over 3 consecutive days and yes that does include weekends, so all they need to do is take the Monday or Friday off work (even if that means a cheeky working from home day J). It can be done on one-on-one basis (providing it works with my timetable) and for some having me all to themselves is just the added bonus!


If I think back to when I left the rat race (almost 7 years ago) if I’m honest with you the only thing that made me hesitate in taking the plunge was leaving the security of a well-paid job. I was accustomed to a certain lifestyle that included epic holidays, fancy restaurants, big nights out not to mention my expensive shoe collection but sooner or later these things just seems irrelevant to my overall happiness. I remember telling my dad that I was considering leaving my well paid job (at the start of the recession) and I was faced with so much resistance and I’m sure in uncertain times as we are facing right now, what with the aftermath of Brexit many women are thinking; ‘now’s not the right time, let me keep my head down’, but I seriously believe if you are prepared to work hard and are passionate about you do, you can earn an uncapped income no matter what the state of the economy and I hope I’m living proof of it. Because I didn’t want to give up the lifestyle I was so accustomed to I was determined to match my old salary within the first year, so I put in the work and found tangible ways to make it happen!


No one is saying you have to leave your job; working as a Personal Stylist part-time over the weekends and evenings is all you initially need to do. Build your client base at a pace that suits you; enjoy the incremental pocket money before you decide to take the plunge. By learning the 3 main skills that every well-established Personal Stylist has; Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping, the opportunity to upsell and build your client base through recommendations is limitless. Take it from me though, you’re going to love it so much that even if you are initially thinking of this as a part-time career it won’t be long before you’ll be planning to do this full-time, we see it all the time and the best thing is, we at Style ME are here to mentor you every step of the way, you couldn’t be in safer hands!


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