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Style ME Training

Happy New Year everybody! Like most people I couldn’t wait to see the back of 2016, it was in reflection one of the hardest years for me in all areas of my life, from my health, finances to my personal relationships…. In 2016 it felt like everything I truly wanted just wasn’t coming my way and it seemed the more I pushed for things the further out of reach they became… Which got me thinking about the Law of Attraction something I’ve always been a big believer of. I couldn’t understand if I truly wanted something and I sincerely believed I deserved what I was wishing for, why was I now facing these brick walls and ultimately staying stuck?

I recently read an article that made a lot of sense; apparently we don’t get what we want we get what we expect. And an expectation is just the belief that you can actually get what you want. Only when and if you truly believe you can get what you want will you actually take the much-needed action to make it happen! This really resonated with me, because if I am truly honest with you, the things I said I wanted to manifest, deep down I didn’t actually believe would happen, my desires were always accompanied with varying levels of anxiety and as a result I never found the right key to open the door…

If I apply this reasoning to my training academy, in particular to the delegates I have the privilege to firstly train and then mentor this absolutely rings true. Everyone who comes to the Academy of course has a dream of becoming a Personal Stylist otherwise why else would they invest the money for the training BUT unfortunately not everyone makes a financial success of it. Despite all receiving the same training and the same level of mentoring some women just thrive whilst the others will often blame their lack of confidence or personal circumstances as to why they are not achieving the financial status they initially hoped for. Sure they will get the clients but when it comes to getting paying clients that’s when they hit a brick wall! Now with my new-found insight can I put it down to them not truly believing they can actually make a lucrative business from doing what they love? Are they subconsciously thinking, “This is too good to be true?”

The few women that come to mind: the women that have succeeded and even surpassed my expectations about how successful they would be are not surprisingly the women who were the most stylish or most confident for that matter, it’s the women that 100% believed they could and would be successful. It’s almost like they gave themselves a deadline to ‘smash’ that wall and get to the light at the end of the tunnel, to taste the rewards of all their hard work. Because they expected to succeed, instead of helplessly wishing for paying clients and following unproductive leads, the right opportunities almost effortlessly appeared and the right actions were subsequently taken to create their successful personal styling businesses…

So in 2017 before I wish for something to happen and put all my energy into it I personally will be asking myself, “do I really expect this to manifest?”
And for anyone that comes to the Academy I most definitely will be asking them “What is the light at the of the tunnel? Is it leaving your full time secure job, is it going part-time, is it to be the next big celebrity stylist, is it to make a 6 figure salary?” and whatever it is, if they truly believe it can manifest I guarantee I will mentor them to get to the other side – that’s my promise!