Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Once you’ve decided you want to become a Personal Stylist, you’ll naturally start researching this amazing career; you’ll want to know what training you need, what’s the right academy for you, when’s the right time to start etc. but at the back of your mind there’s always the niggling question: “How will I get my clients?”

This question is always answered in depth during your training with us but for anyone who’s a little doubtful out there, scared to make the call or book on to the training let me reassure you there are endless people out there that require the assistance of a Personal Stylist.

Of course the obvious ones are men and women who want to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save space
  • Build their confidence

But there are at least another 20 types of scenarios I can think of with ‘Helping clients shop for a Special Occasion’ being one of my favourite client tasks. The best part being there are so many ‘special occasions’ to shop for:

  • A ‘special birthday’
  • A wedding guest
  • Mother of the Bride
  • The Bride
  • A prom outfit
  • A first date
  • An interview outfit
  • A christening outfit
  • Valentine’s Day outfit
  • This week for example I’ve personally shopped for 3 lovely ladies who wanted to look amazing for Valentines Day. The first lady was in a new relationship and wanted to look hot for her new man, the 2nd was a lady who wanted to reignite the romance back into her relationship; wanting an outfit that went beyond jeans and a nice top and the 3rd girl is recently single, ready to mingle and wanted a great new look for the glamorous singles night event she was attending.

    Now each of these girls are in completely different situations but the brief is always the same, they want to ‘look fantastic but more importantly feel great’ in their new outfit.

    How did I decide on the right outfits for them? The process is always the same:

    • 1. Work out their most flattering colours
    • 2. Work out their body shape
    • 3. Understand where they’re going (there’s no point putting her in a ball gown if they’re having a romantic dinner at home)

    Then choose an outfit that:

    • 1. Is within her budget
    • 2. Gets her out of her comfort zone
    • 3. Gets her a “wow” reaction where you can’t help but do a double take (for the right reasons of course)!

    The great thing about your training with us, is that you will learn that once you know your clients colouring and shape you won’t even need your client with you when you shop for her. You will have her unique shape and colour formula and can shop for her either online; sending her links for the desired look or you can shop and deliver for her knowing that the outfit you chose for her will fit like a glove. Think of yourself as a fairy godmother dressing your client to perfection.

    Take my client Sabrina as pictured above, I had both these looks delivered to her at home, so she didn’t need to take any time of work or be hassled shopping. I knew her colours (Spring) and her body shape (Rectangle/ Inverted Triangle) so I sent her a sexy red jumpsuit look and a romantic peach skater dress look with strappy sandals to show off her amazing legs. Both looks fit perfectly and she gets to choose which one she wears on the special night and most importantly because they flatter her so well she will also wear them to other occasions going forward, not just for Valentines Day.

    Does this look like the kind of work you’d love to do? Get in touch!