Style ME Training
Style ME Training

You’ve probably realized by now that as an Agency we follow two key principles, ‘Dress Your Shape’ and ‘Wear Your Colours’. I say ‘follow’ but what I should really say is (as anyone who attends our Training Academy will tell you), we passionately live, breathe and swear by these principles because we sincerely believe this is the science to looking your best and by that I mean the slimmest and most youthful version of yourself!

So Dressing Your Shape, why is it so important? Why have there been countless books, articles, and TV shows on this subject? The reason is, when you dress right for your shape and by that I mean follow key rules on what you can and cannot wear you will always look fantastic for two simple reasons:

  • You are creating the illusion of a balanced frame. It seems today we are all striving for a balanced life but trust me, balance starts with what you choose to wear each day. Balancing out a top heavy or bottom heavy frame (with the right choice of clothes) is what will make anyone look dramatically slimmer, and let’s face it, when we look slimmer we’re generally more happier balanced people! I’ve lost count the number of times women (and men) have said to me “I’ll come back for a Personal Shopping trip once I’ve lost some weight” but what they don’t realise is that I can instantly make them look slimmer just by tweaking the styles of clothes they choose to wear!
  • You are always drawing attention to your assets. Yes every shape has its best bits! The Hourglass (the waist), The Circle and Oval (that bust), The Rectangle (those legs!) The Triangle (the slender arms and shoulders) wait a minute … I can hear you say “see she’s missed me out the Inverted Triangle, what’s so great about my shape? No one’s celebrating my broad shoulders are they?” But what if I tell you; you share the same shape as the most celebrated woman in the world ‘Angelina Jolie’! How do you feel now? A little smug I’m sure…J

The problem of course is that there is so much information out there. How are you supposed to self-identify your shape? Are you an Apple or a Pear? (Not so glamorous I know but hey it sounds more appealing than being called an Aubergine or a Parsnip as another well-known agency might name you!) So this is what we at Style ME have done, we’ve taken the cookery lesson out of the naming and shaming process and instead have devised, 6 key geometric shapes that we believe every man or woman gravitates towards, then whether you simply book a styling session with one of our stylists or attend one of our training courses you’ll see how we celebrate each and every shape and teach you key simple rules on how to dress your very best; helping you to look amazing (all of the time!)

Want to learn more rules on how to dress the shapes?