Style ME Training
Style ME Training

You’ve probably at a stage where you’re looking into becoming a Personal Stylist, whilst you’re full of excitement you can also be feeling a little overwhelmed with what services you want to include and what Academy you want to train with.

The most frequently asked question I get, is “Is colour analysis really necessary?” and my answer is always 100% Yes!! Why? Because in my opinion and with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, styling someone without having done their colours is simply an injustice to them.

Imagine your client wants a fabulous look for their 40th birthday party, not only have they spent £500 for the outfit, but add on your personal shopping fee of £300, surely that outfit had better get the ‘wow’ reception an £800 outfit deserves?

Say you choose the obvious black dress and black sandals; sure, she’ll get the polite, “you look nice” response but…. now imagine, the dress you choose her after establishing her ‘colours’ is this season’s hot pink, matched with strappy silver sandals and an electric blue eyeliner, to bring out the blue in her eyes… can you visualise and feel the confidence and swagger she’ll now bring to her party, everyone will be doing a double take.

People will be praising and complimenting her for looking so ‘hot’ at 40! and who will she be thinking of and thanking in her head? You! Any Personal Stylist can choose an outfit but choosing the ‘wow’ effect outfit takes skill, and that skill comes from doing your clients colours professionally and then knowing how to bring those colours to life for your client.

But doing a client’s ‘colours’ not only benefits the client but benefits you too. Think of the time you’ll save by not having to rummage through every rail in the store, instead you just go to the section of the store that has been visually merchandised with your client’s colour palette.

I can hear you panic, “What if the store doesn’t have my clients’ colours, surely there’ll be less to choose from?” Yes, you’re right, there will be less to choose from, but remember you’re not looking for any old look, you’re looking for the wow factor. You just have to trust the right colour and fit is out there, if not in that store, in another.

Your client wants to be the leading lady, not an extra on the set, she’s paying for your services so don’t do her an injustice, Style her right and the referrals will keep on coming, and you’ll be a financially successful stylist who’s in demand, but get her looking just ok, your business will always be just that, ok.

Nisha x

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