If you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Stylist, you’re probably thinking “How will I get customers and grow my business?” Let me tell you, offering Colour Analysis as one of your services is the quickest way to build your client base. Why? Because Colour Analysis is something that every family member, no matter what their age will love.

Take my lovely client last week Ella. Ella has been wanting to get her colours done for years, she finally found me and decided to book the session for her and her daughter (as a nice day out) and last minute told her sister to join them. All three of them were absolutely thrilled with the results and because they enjoyed it so much, Ella has already booked me in to do a colour analysis session on her husband, her son and her mum! So that’s 3 generations and 6 bookings without me having to do any marketing myself!

It gets better, now that Ella has figured out her most flattering colours, the next thing she wants my advice on, is how to dress her body shape. So, there’s no surprise that she’s also booked me in for a Wardrobe Styling Consultation, which no doubt will lead to a Personal Shopping session.

Gifting friends and family a Colour Analysis session is also such a unique and thoughtful gift… so next time Ella, her sister, her mum or even her husband is buying a gift, they’ll probably buy a gift voucher from me….

People always ask me, how did I build my client base, and I always say the same thing. “I got really good at what I did, so that my customers not only fell in with me but trusted me too, not only with their own style but with their family and extended circle too.”

How do you get really good? Get the right teacher and then practice practice and practise!

Looking for the right teacher?

Look no further at Style ME Traing Colour Analysis Training

Nisha x