Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Easier said than done right? Especially if you don’t like getting your photo taken. You’re self-conscious and you’re faking your smile so when the photographer says “relax and be yourself’ you want to scream, wanting the whole experience to be over immediately!

This is probably what you’re fearing will happen in your photoshoot during the 5-day intensive Train to be a Personal Stylist course right? But fear not this is the opposite to how you will feel. As part of the branding exercise, you have a photoshoot; with you looking, dressing, and feeling like a Personal Stylist. Getting your hair and make-up done and creating a look that will appeal to your future target audience. This is all to get you into character so that you start to believe in your new identity.

Delegates generally dread it and try and get out of it but once they’ve had it, they all say, “it was amazing!” We work with SW3 Studio in Chelsea, who have been given the brief that this is a branding exercise to help reveal the Personal Stylist within you. This is the only part of the training that I’m not with you but trust me, I’m eagerly waiting to see your photos.

Think of me as the co-creator of your brand. During the 5 days of training, I’ve gotten to know you and more importantly where you want to go and what kind of stylist you want to be. So, when we get the photos, I’ll help choose the photo(s) that will appeal to your audience the most.

Take my beautiful Annie for example, she’s the girl next type of stylist, she’s down to earth, wears her trainers and gets stuck in, so when she returned with a handful of beautiful glamourous shots, the photo I chose that represented her the most, was the one with her dressed in her jeans, a t-shirt and trainers, as this was the photo that captured her natural smile and radiated confidence; which in my opinion is exactly what her type of future clients would resonate with.

If you’re wanting to join me on the 5-day course but are scared to do the photoshoot, remember we are not changing you, but bringing out the best version of you!

Nisha x