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We get so many different types of delegates at our Training Academy, from women who want to change their career altogether and become personal stylists, to women such as makeup artists and hairdressers who want to add Personal styling as a service to their existing client base. One growing type of delegate that we’ve been meeting a lot of these past couple of years are the women who were originally looking to do a makeup course and instead finds herself choosing a career in personal styling instead.


She’s creative and wants to work for herself and because she loves makeup thinks a career, as a makeup artist is her best option. Although she loves clothes she’s slightly intimidated about becoming a fashion stylist but once she reads about life as a Personal Stylist she soon sees that a career in Personal Styling is another great option! Personal Styling is all about helpingrealwomen and men (not models) define their look, from what clothes will best suit their body shape and what their most flattering colours are, not only for their clothes but for their hair and make up too.


Let’s face it there’s a hell a lot of competition out there for make-up artists with free YouTube tutorials probably being their biggest threat. I meet hundreds of makeup artists that apart from being really busy and tired during wedding season for the rest of the year are not that busy and usually have to work in retail to compensate for the lack of private work.


So many of these gifted women are looking for a point of difference to add to their freelance businesses and so initially add Colour Analysis to their skillset. They are so often amazed that they didn’t learn the importance of colour analysis, essentially whether someone has a cool or a warm undertone at makeup school!


Once they’ve offered their makeup clients a Colour Analysis service, they are surprised the requests for wardrobe styling and personal shopping start to come in and it doesn’t take long before they’re back looking for additional training. So often when we catch up with them at a later stage these makeup artists are actually enjoying life as Personal Stylists more than as a makeup artist. Why? Because there are people in need of personal styling than makeup tips!


Besides from brides who of course will get a make up artist for her big day most women are happy to ask a beauty consultant on a makeup counter for help. Personal Styling advice isn’t so easily available hence people have to pay for it, and going to a stylist is no longer just for celebrities, normal people more than ever are wanting to learn how to dress more effectively saving them precious time and money.


My advice would be, if you are looking to become a makeup artist be sure to look into Colour Analysis too, it’s an amazing tool to get you more clients and help you get a deeper understanding of colour and makeup. A Colour Analyst charges around £150 per session so the earning potential is fantastic especially if you follow it with a makeup session.


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