At our training academy we train so many different types of women but a growing group is the woman who already is self-employed, either full or part-time. This could be the woman who has a particular skillset such as the Make-up artist, beautician or hairdresser or it could be the sales savvy women selling products such as jewellery (Stella and Dot stylists) or even make-up (Avon or Mary K representatives). One thing all these women have in common is that they already have a database of clients and most importantly they know how to network and market themselves.


These women in particular come to our Academy to learn an added skillset and our ‘Train to be a Colour Analyst’ is probably the most popular course and it’s easy to see why:


The make-up artist knows if she can offer her client a colour analysis session prior to her make-up session she will effortlessly be able to choose colours that are perfect for her complexion saving her time and looking more credible in the process, whilst being able to charge more money.


And what about the hairdresser whose client is wondering whether to go Ash or Golden blond in other words cool or warm? By offering her client a colour analysis session it totally takes out the guesswork avoiding any (expensive) future mistakes!


In a world where more and more women are going freelance, competition is high so every one is looking to add a point of difference and colour analysis is perfect solution.


This brings me on to the Stella and Dot stylist. I’m sure many of them may feel a little embarrassed that they are called ‘stylists’. What they do is sell range of jewellery to small groups of women in particular at their ‘trunk’ shows and most of them are pretty good but no they are definitely not stylists! Many of these ‘stylists’ come to our training because at some point the penny drops they are sitting with their target audience: women who take an interest in how they look and have money to spend, so why not offer them a colour analysis session prior to selling them jewellery so they’ll really know what colour jewellery to buy: should it be gold, silver, emerald green, turquoise, coral?


According to Stella and Dot’s website if you sell £900 worth of jewellery with a 25% commission rate you will earn £225. That’s not a bad earning for an evening but how easy is it really to sell £900 worth of jewellery to around 10 women? A Colour Analyst charges around £150 for her services but at a ‘Colour’ Party even if she were to drop the price to £25 that’s a guaranteed £250 to the same 10 women!


And how about the Avon representative who also makes a 25% commission on the products she sells, she’s also caught on that by doing her clients colours first she’s in the ideal position to sell her client a range of make-up that is perfect for her individual colouring making her look far more credible than her colleagues. The average Avon lipstick is only £4 so she’s definitely looking for more ways to make incremental money from her client.


Once these women come to our training they are usually hooked as they can instantly see the earning potential as a Personal Stylist and they usually end up taking all of our courses because they know their client base of women would also love to get advise on their body shapes and could all probably benefit from a Personal Shopping trip.


Our Essential Training Course that teaches Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping in 3 consecutive days is perfect for this particular group of women as they really don’t need a hand holding, business building experience; they already have a business and know how to build their client base, they just want to learn the knowledge as quickly as possible so they can start upselling to their target audience! This woman has done the maths and can see if she offers Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping to her client she will effortlessly make £500 in just 1 day with just 1 client and you don’t need to be a mathematician to work out that that’s a hell of lipsticks or jewellery she needs to sell as an equivalent!


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