Style ME Training
Style ME Training

One of the common themes I’ve heard during lockdown, especially by people who’ve been furloughed, is that they’ve finally found the time to work on projects they never would normally have had the time to; be it the garden, DIY or their dreaded wardrobes!

There was a lot of spring cleaning going on for sure and I even did a few ‘Virtual’ Wardrobe edits; it’s not something I used to offer but hey these are unprecedented times and thanks to Zoom and Skype anything is possible!

My project was to redesign the website, even I have to admit it was getting pretty rusty. I asked some previous delegates “what would any potential delegate like to see?” and the feedback was always the same!

We want to see who the trainer is?

  • Well you’ve now got plenty of photos of me; your trainer (maybe too many)

All the different course options should have more information on them

  • Each course’s page should now be easy to navigate with a more detailed description of the agenda and what to expect during the training.

What are Style ME Training’s point of differences vs. other training Academies?

  • Thinking of all our point of differences filled me with pride, by doing some research I saw probably for the first time just how amazing our academy is. It’s all on the Home Page for you to read and are so many great point of differences: from being the only Academy that teaches every skillset you will ever need from colour analysis, to wardrobe styling, to menswear, to virtual styling, to offering interest free payment plans, to offering one to one training at no additional cost, to teaching our unique Style ME formula the list goes on and on…

So changes have been made, it definitely lookers fresher and represents what we’re all about but I know the best thing I offer is the one to one contact with me from the initial phone call, to the training to the ongoing mentoring, you have me every step of the way and that is how you build your confidence to thrive in this amazing industry.

If you are considering becoming a personal stylist and you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if it’s just for a chat and some genuine guidance, I’m here to help.

Nisha x