Style ME Training
Style ME Training

If I was to give one piece of advice to any budding Personal that would be choose 1 training Academy for all of training needs and stick to them. Why? Because every academy has a different style and different approach to Personal Styling.

Unfortunately, I learnt the hard way. All those years ago, I trained to be a Colour Analyst with the then reputable Aston and Hayes. I loved my training and was blown away on the impact different colours had on people’s appearance. Despite loving their training, I chose to learn my next skillset ‘Personal Shopping’ with NHJ Styling; as their course felt more contemporary than Aston and Haye’s Image Consulting course.

I was full of excitement and confidence when I joined NHJ Styling, as I had just completed my colour analysis training and was eager to get going. NHJ Styling however were completely against Colour Analysis and even referred to Colour Analysis as ‘Colour Me Awful’ – instead of ‘Colour Me Beautiful’. They were of the mindset that if a colour is in fashion, you simply must make it work for every client.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the problem was and is, when you’re a student you literally take anything your tutor tells you as gospel. Them belittling Colour Analysis totally knocked my confidence and direction. I didn’t pick up my drapes for a about a year after that! Luckily, I eventually saw the light and did include Colour Analysis to my services and I’m so glad I did, as it simply is (in my opinion) the foundation to styling anyone to perfection.

At Style ME Training we pride ourselves on teaching delegates every skillset they need to know to become successful Personal Stylists: Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling, Personal Shopping, Men’s Styling, Branding and Business Planning, which means there’s one voice, and one opinion throughout the training. With everything you need to know in one place you won’t need to go anywhere else so there’s no confusion that you will get from having to train with different trainers and conflicting approaches to Personal Styling.

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Nisha x