Style ME Training
Style ME Training

As many of you know I started my career as a Personal Stylist in my early thirties and I honestly can say what took me so long to make the career move was my fear of trends! Not clothes and styling but trends and fashion. You see I was well aware of my own body shape’s flaws and assets and combined with a very petite frame there wasn’t many trends I could buy in to. I learnt this in my early 20’s and my motto soon became quality over quantity. This is how I justified all those designer pieces!!

Don’t get me wrong I loved flicking through fashion magazines but I simply wasn’t one of those girls who studied every last page of the latest Vogue magazine to see what was trending and who was the latest ‘it’ designer. I worried that my potential clients would expect me to have this knowledge and without it I simply wouldn’t be a good enough stylist. I needn’t have worried though because when I did get the clients, trends were the last things we discussed. Personal Styling clients are not Fashion Styling clients; they want clothes that will suit their colouring, their body shape and their lifestyle regardless as to what’s on trend.

Because my client base varies from very affluent (yes some women actually have a budget of £10k per season) to being on a strict budget (£200 a season) I’m always in different stores and what still fascinates me is what you see in Prada you will see some variation of it in Primark. Top fashion designers make the decisions and those decisions get filtered down into the High Street so you really don’t need to study Vogue you just need to pop to your favourite brand and you’ll soon realise what’s trending this season.

The big question is what do you do with these trends? You could for example be in a store with your client and she may get excited about this season’s floral dresses or those wide legged trousers or even the double breasted blazer and may want to try it but on what sets our Style ME Stylists apart from any other stylists I’ve met is their knowledge to be quick on their feet to explain why or why not that trend will suit their client and more importantly if it doesn’t offer them another trend that will compliment their body perfectly so they don’t feel disheartened.

In order to make their client look FAB they are trained to draw attention to their assets, keeping the eyes away from their flaws and most importantly creating balance. So for example if they are top heavy we’d create the volume on the bottom and play around with a current trend that will fill out her bottom half so perhaps this seasons pleated skirt.

So for any women out there wishing to be a Personal Stylist and attend our training course but are hesitating thinking they aren’t living and breathing fashion enough just trust that it’s absolutely not a requisite to attend our training or even become a Personal Stylist. Sure we discuss trends but only in relation as to whether or not they will actually suit their client