What I love as my job as a trainer more than anything else is meeting the varied delegates that attend the training. In particular when I do the training as a one on one, I really get to know that delegate well and more often than not I learn just as much from them as they do from me.

Take Helen Gormey for instance; when I had the brief chat with her on the phone prior to her attendance I discovered she’s a true professional in world of coaching and psychotherapy. With more letters against her name I was honored she chose my academy to learn about personal styling as an additional offering to her existing client base.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love psychology so the opportunity of tapping into Helen’s brain on various subjects throughout the week was extremely exciting to me.

Helen and I gelled straight away and had various discussions on subjects such as confidence, mindfulness, success and of course relationships throughout the week.

I asked Helen with all her varied clients even some famous ones what is the biggest issue and what advice would you give to people wanting to change their lives for the better? And her answer was so honest and so simple and that is: Procrastination! She said often clients sit in her chair and together they analyse all the fear stopping them taking risks in their lives, often going in deeper and deeper into their past and she said what she really wants to shout out to at these clients is “just get on with your life, just do what you really want to do, get out of your own way!” People are so consumed with the past almost thinking they’ve got forever to follow their dreams but the sad truth is the more time they spend analysing the past the more time they are eating into their potential future.

This definitely rang true for me in my personal life and for many sometimes it takes the arrival of a big birthday be it 30th, 40th, 50th or even 60th for people to step it up a gear and actually go for the life they want! There’s no surprise the biggest number of delegates that attend my training are either 39 or 49 approaching a big birthday wanting to change their career into personal styling, a career they feel passionate about and sometimes arriving into next decade of birthdays is a reminder that time really is catching up with all of us.

I really was hoping that Helen would have given me some great new perspective on the complexities of the mind but it really is that simple, put your fears aside, trust that we all have them and then just do it, be it training for a new career, joining a dating agency or even separating from your partner just ask yourself how much time on this planet do we really have to waste? Hopefully this will then be the year that you actually grab every opportunity and act on that niggling voice in your head asking you to make the change…