This is a subject we have had to think long and hard about be because when we first started the Academy, we had no idea who would be attracted to this great job.

Initially we thought we would see the young twenty somethings who are into fashion and shopping and would love a career that combines the two. In fact, the first course we ever offered was in Soho House to this very group so on that basis I guess that’s why we thought they were our target market.

But we couldn’t have been more wrong!

The very next course we did was such a cross section of women… we honestly …astounded.

There was a Personal Trainer in her 40’s who wanted to not only work on women’s fitness, she also loved the idea of boosting their confidence by understanding their style. Then there was Helen, who started with one course and ended up doing all of them as she was looking for a career that would fit in with her retired lifestyle and as a super stylish woman and she knew plenty of ladies in her age group who she would love to style.

We also met Eduardo, who was in his thirties and working in high end fashion and thought he could really use our scientific body shape formula for his VIP client base. That also reminds us of Debbie who was working as a Personal Stylist in Debenhams and they paid for her to learn the key skills of being a Professional Personal Shopper.

We can honestly say that we never know who is going to come through our doors and it never ceases to amaze us who really excels once they have finished the training with us.

As you can see from our 3-year anniversary photo, we have a far-reaching demographic of different ages, lifestyles and professions.

If there is one person that is testament to our theory that just about anyone can get started as Personal Stylist and do really well, it is our Founder of the Style ME empire, Nisha.

Who would have thought that someone with a Maths degree and working in a totally corporate world could break free from the rat race and not only run her own business for these past nine years doing a job she loves, but also be responsible for changing the careers for so many other women (and men…we must never forget the men we have had come through Style ME Training Academy!).

If you think it’s too late to pursue your dream of becoming a personal stylist you couldn’t be more wrong – in fact in the past few years it’s women that are reaching a milestone birthday that are booking on to our training – be it 40, 50 or even 60 thinking if I don’t do it now when will I??

When we speak to them on the phone we can hear the fear thinking they’re too old but once we reassure them that their first client is themselves and when they look their best they will be inspiring other women and men within their age bracket to look their best they soon realise how they will be growing their business and that their client base grows with them so they’re never out of work.

So, if you are reading this blog, asking yourself whether you’ve got what it takes to be a Personal Stylist we are here to remind you that anyone can make it. We don’t care whether you are young or old, a stay at home mum or a full time professional. Whether you want to do this full or part time. Whether you want to do any of our classes tutored, one to one, in a group or long distance because you cannot get to London.


No matter who you are….starting your Personal Styling career with Style ME Training is for EVERYBODY.