Style Me Training Academy
Style Me Training Academy

How would it feel to make money whilst you sleep? Like a dream come true, as if Christmas has come early? Well for most of us Personal Stylists that’s exactly how it is! Without doubt Christmas is the most expensive time of the year, not just because we’re buying gifts but because we’re out more, eating more, drinking more and paying for more late night taxi’s. So you can imagine how good it feels that whilst the money in our personal bank account is dwindling money being deposited into our business accounts is flourishing due to increasing sales of our Christmas gift vouchers.

I’ve been a stylist for nearly 15 years and each Christmas I’ve sold more Christmas gift vouchers than the year before. Maybe it’s an age thing but I genuinely think it’s because we’re in a time where people don’t wait for Christmas to get what they want. With sales constantly on, people are buying what they desire for themselves as and when prices drop, never wanting to miss a bargain. So by the time Christmas comes many people are left wondering, “What do I buy the girl (or guy) who already has it all?”

Everyone want’s to give a unique and thoughtful gift and a Personal Styling gift voucher is exactly that. Who wouldn’t want to know what their most flattering colours are or who couldn’t do with expert advice on how to shop for their shape or have the amazing gift of a stylist guiding them on how to de-clutter their wardrobe and build a capsule wardrobe? And with services ranging from £50 to £600 there really is something to suit everyone’s budget.

It’s funny how many men call in the last week of Christmas almost in angst because they’ve left their Christmas shopping to the last minute, be it for their wife, girlfriend, mother or sister hoping they haven’t missed the last delivery date. They genuinely need reassuring that this is the ultimate gift for their loved one and something that although everyone needs isn’t something someone will buy for themselves so the voucher is always received with delight!

The best part for us Stylists is that we genuinely do wind down in December because people are less focused on shopping for themselves but with the sales of gift vouchers trickling in we can enjoy the Christmas period knowing that are diaries are going to be busy in the new year with people wanting to redeem their vouchers and we can enjoy the Christmas festivities knowing our finances are intact which is a security that so many other self employed careers can’t offer.

Personally for me, it’s less about the money but knowing that I can take as much time off for Christmas without having the going back to work with January blues… for me after 8 years of leaving the corporate rat race behind year the novelty still never wears off.

I’m sure you don’t need any more convincing as to why a career as a Personal Stylist is the dream job but if you do please don’t hesitate to book in a call and don’t be shy to ask for a little discount on any of our training courses, it’s Christmas and I’m feeling pretty generous!

Nisha x