Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Ask any of my delegates, the one thing they all say about me is just how positive I come across. This always makes me laugh because I think they’re implying I’m always like this or perhaps I was born this way. I always have to correct or rather reassure them that I’m not positive all of the time and it is in fact a mindset I have to work very hard to obtain and maintain.

When I created the 5 -day Intensive Training Course that offers ongoing mentoring for every delegate I knew I had to learn to walk the talk myself. I then decided to get my own coach, who happens to be the amazing 6ft 8 motivational guru Tony Robbins. Let me rephrase; he’s not my personal guru – (I don’t think I could afford his $1m coaching rate) but he is my mentor, in that I follow everything he teaches.

I’ve just come back from his 1 week Date With Destiny course in Florida and was not only blown away with the knowledge I learnt but mostly his personal dedication to the 5000 attendees at his event, personally mentoring us from 10am to 3am every day, that’s right being on stage for all those hours a day, barely stopping for a coffee break! Now that’s what you call commitment. For a man of his status he could easily slow down or ask one of his other established coaches to take over but he never does, because he knows, we are all there to hear what he has to say, to hear his point of view and to learn from his experiences.

Tony Robbins has motivated me to personally mentor all of my Intensive Training delegates. I’m invested in each and every one of them, their success is my success. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true; if they don’t achieve their goals I will feel like I’ve somehow failed them. My reputation matters to me.

There’s a lot to be said about immersing yourself in a course, I felt it first hand after being away in Florida for the week; you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals, you’re doing nothing else all day except learning the content, you simply don’t have the time to worry about anyone at home or work or anything else. That level of commitment whilst on a course is amazing, you feel like you’re invincible but it’s when we get home that the doubt starts to creep in, especially doubt in ourselves and our ability.

Delegates always say they’re going to need me to help/mentor them with the content of the courses post training but from experience they usually call on me the most for that much needed emotional support to remind them they’re on the right path. When that little voice in their head called ‘doubt’ starts knocking is when they need my sweet encouraging words of positivity the most, even if it’s to just tell them to stop and “just breathe’. The best part about my mentoring program is that it’s available for as long as you need me, it’s not a subscription model that needs a monthly payment, it’s simply available at no added cost, for as long as you need it.

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