Style ME Training
Style ME Training

The thing with choosing Personal Styling as a career is that you may be fearful that you aren’t 100% confident about your own personal style.

Perhaps you’re thinking ‘My friends and family always tell me I look great, but does everyone think I’m naturally stylish?’

It’s absolutely fine to feel this way, I mean we’ve all got those photos that remind us that our personal style was sometimes a bit questionable!

What we say is, as long as you love fashion and shopping and are a people’s person this job is for you because WE help you understand your best look and how to dress any body shape.

Once you come on our Personal Styling course, you’ll meet your first client…and that is you. We don’t care whether you are a size 8 or size 28, we just care that you own dressing for your shape and wearing your colours. Once you’ve fallen in love with your body shape and season, you’ll be able to style anyone.

Interested to learn the science to great dressing and style?

Come and train at the only Academy that teaches the magic formula that makes anyone a great stylist.